28 Best Sushi Rolls Recipes

Craving sushi? Ever consider learning how to make one at home? Here are 28 sushi rolls recipes that you can try out if you want to learn how to satisfy your craving. Making your sushi roll at home offers more perks for you, too, as you can customize and learn techniques to improve your cooking

30 Best Avocado Sushi Recipes to Try Out

30 Best Avocado Sushi Recipes to Try Out

Are you in the mood for some avocado sushi? Well, we could help you with that craving! Also, you do not have to worry if you do not like sushi with raw fillings. This one uses steamed shrimp! Today, we will not show you only one or two avocado sushi recipes. We will show you

21 Best Boston Sushi Roll Recipes

Want to know how to make a Boston sushi roll? Well, you came into the right place. Sushi has been a big part of the contemporary food culture, along with the upward trend for the Boston sushi roll. If you want to know how to make a delicious Boston sushi roll, you can choose one

27 Best Inari Sushi Recipes

26 Best Inari Sushi Recipes

Surprisingly, Inari sushi is an easy dish to make in your kitchen. Flying to Japan or Korea is not necessary to enjoy this classic dish. You also don’t need a lot of bucks or spend hours cooking this dish. With simple ingredients and the best Inari sushi recipes, you can prepare the dish in just