What is Uni Sushi? (Types, Grades, Taste and More)

Even among enthusiasts, some just don’t know much about uni sushi. As many say, it’s an acquired taste. But, if you’re interested in this sweet and briny Japanese delicacy, let us introduce you to what is uni sushi. What is Uni Sushi? Uni sushi contains the edible part of a sea urchin. Although many confuse

Sushi Tuna

Sushi Tuna 101: Types, Grades and More

Tuna is among the most popular ingredient for sushi across the world! But do you know the intricacies behind this famous dish? Well, we are here to introduce you to tuna sushi with this guide! What is Tuna Sushi? Tuna sushi is a catch-all term that refers to sushi that features tuna as its primary ingredient.


Can You Eat Sushi While Breastfeeding? (Benefits, Risks)

Are you wondering if it is safe to eat sushi while breastfeeding? While there are many food restrictions during pregnancy, the guidelines loosen as you breastfeed. And yes! That includes your favorite Japanese roll. But this journey has a few speed bumps—we’re talking about the risks. So read this blog thoroughly to keep you and

What Is the Hamachi Sushi

What Is the Hamachi Sushi?

Sushi. This Japanese dish has continually gained favor throughout the years. Its popularity has gone out from where it came from and has spread through other parts of the world. With that, it should not be surprising that it has now multiplied, if you will, and that there are now many different kinds of it.

How To Make Sushi Vinegar

How To Make Sushi Vinegar? (Step-by-Step Guide)

Sushi has been a popular food of Japanese origin worldwide. While there are different types of sushi out there, what each of them has in common is sushi rice, accompanied by sushi vinegar. Sushi rice without sushi vinegar is like a house without a roof, and it’s incomplete. Thus, knowing how to make sushi vinegar


Sushi History: Is Sushi Japanese Or Chinese?

Sushi is one of the most popular foods in the world. But do you know where and how it began? Have you ever wondered if sushi is Japanese or Chinese? If you have, well here’s something that can give you clarity. Sushi: The Origin It’s always fascinating and interesting to learn about the origins of

soy paper sushi

What is Soy Paper for Sushi? (Soy Paper vs. Seaweed)

Sushi rolls are visually striking. The various colorful fillings blend nicely.  The edible component that holds them all together also adds to the beauty of sushi. Some are wrapped in soy paper, while others are encased in nori sheets. So, what is soy paper for sushi and soy paper vs. Seaweed? What is soy paper?

how to become a sushi chef

The Complete Guide to Become a Sushi Chef

Sushi is a famous Japanese that captures the stomachs of nearly all people in the world. Everyone wants to have sushi. After all, the ingredients look basic. All you need to do is mix seaweed, fish, vegetables, and rice. So, we all think that preparing sushi is not that hard. However, we do not realize

types of sushi fish

What Are The Different Types Of Sushi Fish?

Sushi is perhaps one of the most popular foods to come from Japan. Wherever you are in the world, there’s a Japanese restaurant serving different kinds of sushi. If you are not familiar with what sushi is made of, perhaps you should find out the different types of fish used in making sushi! Sushi: From

can you freeze sushi

Can You Freeze Sushi?

When people overeat, they tend to have leftovers or takeout to eat at home. The thing that comes to their mind is how they will preserve the Food they want to eat later or in the future? People fond of Sushi rarely have leftovers, but there are some instances that they do, so the question,