20 High Protein Sushi Options With Recipes

Are you looking for a sushi option that would pump your protein intake? Whether your goal is to increase muscle mass or maintain weight loss, this list has it all. Here, we’ve collated 20 high-protein sushi options with recipes. Now, you don’t have to worry about what to make if you crave this well-loved Japanese


Godzilla Sushi Roll Recipe (7 Steps with Pictures)

Godzilla sushi roll is a type of shrimp tempura roll that’s fried with tempura batter. You will undoubtedly notice the crunchy twist to the traditional Japanese dish! With this recipe, you can make your own Godzilla sushi roll in the comfort of your kitchen. Why This Recipe Works/ Why We Like This Recipe Easy for


26 Best Keto Sushi Recipes

If you’re into high protein diets or just want some delicious and satisfying low-carb dinners, this keto sushi collection has you covered. It includes recipes to satisfy cravings and make your family and friends rave about keto sushi. One thing’s for sure, you’ll never run out of tasty options.  Take a look at what we’ve

Conch Sushi

Delectable Conch Sushi Recipe (With Salad)

On the southeast coast of the U.S., you’ll find seaside restos serving the most delicious conch recipes. And the versatility of this seafood made it a staple on every menu. But don’t worry if you don’t have a plane ticket to the Bahamas because you can make one of its famous forms at home—Conch sushi!


20 Best Breakfast Sushi Recipes

Are you looking for easy but delightful recipes you can prepare quickly? You’ve arrived at the right destination. The truth is, nothing beats a hearty and delicious breakfast to get you moving in the morning.  But the dilemma is: who likes getting up early in the morning to cook? I surely don’t, which is why


20 Sushi Cake Recipes For Any Occasion

Have you thought of combining dessert with your favorite Japanese dish? These 20 sushi cake recipes can fulfill your appetite if you haven’t. From the most basic to the artisan-style and diet specific, we have it all on the list. And by that, we mean vegan recipes, teriyaki sushi, and low-carb ones. Another thing to


18 Rice Paper Sushi Recipes

Rice paper is a light and versatile edible material commonly used to wrap Vietnamese foods. Usually, rice paper sheets come in dried packs. Rice paper makes ideal wrapping because it’s translucent yet sturdy. Rice paper wraps always look elegant and inviting. It’s a brilliant idea to wrap sushi in rice paper. It is a combination


20 Best Heart-Shaped Sushi Recipes

Whether you’re celebrating on your own or with your lover, family, or friends, these 20 Best Heart-Shaped Sushi Recipes will surely make your heart skip a beat. While romantic and intimate dinner dates sound amazing, I’d rather celebrate Valentine’s Day at home and prepare a hearty meal for my loved ones. It’s my own way of


Best New York Sushi Roll Recipe

New York sushi rolls are a lovely modern take on classic sushi rolls. New York sushi rolls use sautéed shrimp and cucumber slices to liven up the conventional sushi roll. The dish is full of bright marine notes emanating from the sautéed shrimp. Why We Love New York Sushi Rolls Just like regular sushi rolls,


20 Easy Salmon Sushi Bowl Recipes

Among the beloved dishes of many in Japanese cuisine is sushi. ISushi has a distinctive taste that feels buttery to the mouth and is satisfying. But let’s be honest! It takes remarkable skills to roll a beautiful and even dish. For those of us looking forward to eating sushi with minimal effort, these 20 easy