28 Best Ginger Sushi Recipes

Have you ever tried sushi ginger? It’s usually produced by slicing thinly young ginger. Most sushi eaters eat sushi ginger in between bites of sushi. It is known as a palette cleanser because it removes the taste of the previous sushi piece. Here are 20 ginger sushi recipes you can make at home.

1. Pickled Sushi Ginger

pickled ginger

You can make pickled sushi ginger from young ginger. You need to cure the young ginger in a vinegar brine. You will need three ingredients only for this recipe.

Young ginger has a mellow, tangy flavor and a delicate, fleshy texture. Unlike mature ginger typically used in cooking, the skin of young ginger is incredibly thin. Thus, it’s easy to remove with a spoon or your fingers or a spoon.


2. Sweet and Sour Pickled Ginger

This quick and straightforward recipe also requires young ginger. It would be best to choose young ginger with pinkish points. It’s tender and less spicy.  You’ll get a lovely pale pink color when you pickle young ginger.

Before serving, keep the dish refrigerated for a minimum of 24 hours. The flavor of pickled ginger improves with time. You can keep it in the fridge for up to three months.


3. Japanese Pickled Ginger

pickled ginger recipe

This pickled ginger recipe is the Japanese version of a Thai recipe that’s more sour than sweet. You’ll surely enjoy its bright flavor. If you prefer, you can adjust the brine to your palate.

You can soak the ginger in just-boiled water from an electric kettle instead of blanching it, as some recipes call for. Aside from eating this dish with sushi, you can also use it when cooking.


4. Pink Gari Sushi Ginger

You’ll need only four ingredients for this recipe: young ginger, salt, sugar, and rice vinegar. Making this at home is easier if you have young ginger, which has a natural pink pigment.

If you don’t have young ginger, you can use mature gingers. All you need to add is a single red radish to the mix. This technique is purely optional. Young ginger is always best for making gari.


5. Soft Pink Pickled Ginger

sushi ginger

Have you tasted the pink pickled ginger that is frequently served with sushi? This recipe will allow you to prepare it at home. It has a lovely pale pink color and a pleasantly sweet and tart flavor.

You only need five ingredients to cook this dish. It’s pretty in pink and deliciously refreshing. There are no artificial ingredients, so you’ll get naturally delicate pink and a refreshing flavor.


6. Pink Sushi Japanese Pickled Ginger

This gari recipe will surely leave your mouth feeling clean and fresh. You’ll need sizeable young ginger roots, salt, sugar, and rice vinegar. Sea salt is preferred to make this dish.

This recipe requires that you allow it to pickle for at least a week in the fridge before eating it. This pickle will keep for a month in the refrigerator.


7. Quick Homemade Sushi Ginger

how to pickle ginger

This recipe is straightforward, so don’t feel afraid to give it a shot. You can use a mandoline to slice the ginger easily. A sharp knife will help if you don’t have one.

You’ll also need fresh young ginger for this recipe. If you prefer that pink color but can’t find young ginger, use beetroot juice as organic coloring in the pickling solution.


8. Japanese Pickled Ginger (Traditional Method)

This recipe will show you the traditional way of turning ginger pink. You need to use the ginger’s tips. It’s the perfect side dish for sushi. You may also use it in salads and stir-fries.

It would be best to slice the ginger into manageable bits of your choice. The less spicy the ginger is, the thinner you slice it. The texture will be crunchier the thicker you slice it.


9. Authentic Pickled Ginger

how to make pickled ginger

Only four ingredients are required to make this authentic pickled ginger. It’s peppery and naturally pink. Plus, it’s effortless to create at home! You can store it in the fridge for up to one month.

This recipe is a must-have for sushi lovers. You can also enjoy it with salads, veggie burgers, and rice bowls. Ensure to cut the ginger along its fibers when slicing it to maintain its freshness.


10. Budget-Friendly Pickled Ginger

This dish takes only a few essential ingredients and almost no work. It’s budget-friendly and also delicious! You need finely sliced ginger, rice vinegar, salt, and water.

For the vinegar solution, you need about half a cup of sugar. You can also add more depending on how sweet you want it. Cooking time takes three minutes only.


11. Easy Pickled Ginger

sushi ginger recipe

For this recipe, it’s best to utilize the youngest ginger you can get your hands on. It’s only available during certain seasons. However, it’s well worth seeking out. Also, always sterilize the jars you’ll be storing your pickles and preserves in.

Depending on the quantity needed, you can adjust this recipe to make a smaller or larger amount. You can keep this dish in the fridge for six months.


12. Pinoy Style Sushi Ginger

This recipe requires seasoning the sliced ginger with sea salt. After that, you have to boil the ginger for three minutes only. You can add a minute more if you want it to be spicier.

You can use rice vinegar for the solution if it is accessible. If not, apple cider will suffice. It’s ideal to consume this dish after 3-5 days.


13. Pink Pickled Ginger

pickled ginger sushi

You can use either young or mature ginger for this recipe. However, mature ginger is harder and spicier than young ginger. So, you must briefly boil or immediately cure it with salt before pickling. The salt will soften the ginger while also taming its spiciness.

Aside from eating it with sushi, you can also use this dish with various foods. You can eat it with stir-fries, noodles, and braised meat.


14. Probiotic Pickled Ginger

Most pickled sushi ginger contains harmful ingredients such as aspartame. Why not make this quick recipe at home? So, the next time you have sushi night, it’s healthful and beneficial for you.

This recipe is classic pickled food made using whey and water.  Instead of sugar, use raw honey. It will taste even more delicious and natural. To organically color it, just put a few drops of beet juice.


15. Pickled Ginger

japanese ginger

You can make this quick pickled ginger to highlight your sushi night. It only takes half an hour to prepare. However, you can preserve it in the fridge for up to one year.

This slightly spicy recipe goes well with sushi and other foods and beverages. It’s easy to execute by home cooks of any level of experience. Let the vinegar solution cool entirely before keeping the finished product.


16. 3-Ingredient Pickled Ginger

This recipe is simple to prepare and tastes delicious. You only need ginger and two-part vinegar to one-part sugar. You’ll want enough liquid to soak the ginger and keep it nice and fresh. It would be best to keep it in the fridge for at least two hours before using it.


17. Fresh Japanese Pickled Ginger

ginger sushi

This pickled ginger is a multipurpose condiment and the ideal sushi companion. Each serving has 16 calories. You’ll need five things: fresh ginger, salt, rice wine vinegar, water, and sugar. Caster sugar is recommended for this recipe.

Refrigerate the finished product for 24 hours to allow the flavors to develop when you’re done. You can preserve this in the fridge for up to one month. With time, the flavor deepens.


18. Pickled Ginger (Pain Treatment)

This recipe requires fresh ginger to produce a more flavorful pickle. You can eat it with Japanese cuisine like sushi and sashimi. It also works well in salads, sandwiches, and an appetizer. You cannot cook this pickle once it has already been prepared.

This recipe is also believed to relieve some pains like rheumatic aches or health conditions such as arthritis. It also lowers cholesterol and enhances your immune system.


19. Quick Pickled Ginger

how to make sushi ginger

This recipe is straightforward to follow. It only takes about one hour to prepare and yields about two ounces. You’ll only need five ingredients. You can use sliced red beet for coloring.

All you need to do is combine all ingredients in a small jar and whisk well. Ensure that the ginger is completely submerged.  You can store the ginger in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.


20. Sweet Pickled Ginger

Chef Hiroko Shimbo, a world-renowned expert on Japanese cuisine, produced this recipe. You should try this to make sweet gari the expert way.

This recipe necessitates that the sliced ginger is adequately cooked naturally without food coloring. When combining the ginger and the marinade, they should both be hot. The ginger will last about three weeks in the refrigerator.


21. Tangy Japanese Pickled Ginger

gari ginger

Despite its simplicity, this dish is distinct from others. Instead of simply salting the ginger, you must boil it. You’ll also need to bring the vinegar solution to a boil. This method dissolves the sugar and also keeps it from tasting too vinegary.

If the ginger is maintained submerged, the pickles will last a few days in the fridge. You can also store them in cans for longer shelf life.


22. Homemade Gari

Only young ginger is acceptable for preparing gari, according to this recipe. Rice vinegar, rice wine, water, sugar, and kosher salt are also required.

Before slicing the ginger, it’s ideal to wipe and dry it with a paper towel. This dish is unusual because it calls for blanching the ginger rather than boiling it. In contrast to other recipes, it also allows you to squeeze the ginger.


23. Easy Pickled Sushi Ginger

gari recipe

This recipe is suitable for both beginners and experienced picklers. You can serve it with any sushi. You can refrigerate the pickled sushi ginger for up to three weeks. The flavor improves over time.

Have you finished all of the ginger? Make sure the vinegar mixture isn’t spilled. You can use it to make a stir-fry sauce with soy sauce and brown sugar. It’s tasty, fresh, and gingery.


24. Homemade Pickled Ginger

Ginger, salt, water, and rice vinegar are required for this pickle recipe. Like traditional sushi ginger recipes, you’ll need to boil the sliced ginger for roughly three minutes.

You’ll also need to prepare a different beetroot mixture in which you will soak the sliced ginger. To make the ginger pink, use one whole beetroot.


25. Pickled Ginger

homemade pickled ginger

This simple and tasty homemade pickled ginger recipe tastes exactly like the pink ginger served with sushi in Japanese restaurants. Only five components are required To produce a large batch.

Even better, this homemade dish has no dyes or preservatives.  Once you’ve made it, you’ll be able to enjoy it for the entire month! It’s vegan, gluten and dairy-free. It is tangy, sweet, and somewhat pink in color.


26. Sushi Ginger

This dish calls for five ingredients. These are ginger, salt, sugar, rice vinegar, and water. It’s simple to execute because it’s similar to typical pickling techniques.

You’ll need to bring water to a boil for this recipe. After chilling it for 24 hours in the fridge, you may start eating it. This is a quick recipe to try if you don’t have much time to prepare for a sushi night.


27. Homemade Sweet Pickled Ginger

what is pickled ginger

This recipe will show you how to make your sweet pickled ginger, ideal for sushi. It’s advisable to buy ginger with smooth, taut skin rather than rough, wrinkled skin. Freshness is associated with smooth skin. Wrinkly skin denotes the ginger’s age.

Refrigerate the finished product for 2 hours up to 2 days. The more time you have, the better! With this recipe, you’ll make approximately two cups of pickled ginger.


28. Authentic Sushi Ginger

Fresh ginger with thin skin is recommended for this dish. They are only plentiful in the spring. As a result, mature ginger is used in this recipe. It will show you how to lessen the spice and tanginess of ginger.

You can make it exactly how you want it! The flavor is vibrant, and it’s sweet and sour simultaneously. Adjust the blanching time to control the spice.

28 Best Ginger Sushi Recipes

Do you enjoy sushi paired with pickled ginger? Choose from the 28 ginger sushi recipes listed above. Serve it as a palate cleanser before a meal that includes numerous sushi courses. Between each piece of sushi, a slice of ginger allows you to taste the distinctive taste of each dish.


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