14 Must Try Sushi Pizza: The Best Snack to Have!

sushi pizza recipe

What if I tell you that it is possible to have an Italian and Japanese dish in one? Finding two of your favorites, sushi and pizza, in one dish is bliss. Much more if it has several variations to try on. Whether you are health conscious or love to mix and match, this list of sushi pizza recipes will cater to any of your preferences!

Sushi Pizza

Sushi Pizza

You might wonder what dish sushi pizza belongs to— is it Italian? No. Japanese? Not even close. It is a Canadian dish; it was first introduced in Toronto as a fusion of pizza and sushi.

Generally, its pizza crust is a circular-shaped rice patty topped with crab meat, salmon, avocado, or the ingredients you commonly see in sushi. But some cooks, chefs, or creative individuals love to mix and match and create their concept of sushi pizza.

Scroll for more variations of sushi pizza that you should try on! Each of these recipes has a distinct flavor that gives an unforgettable taste.

1. Salmon Sushi Pizza

Three things will surprise you in this recipe video: how the Nori sheets are arranged to become a full-round pizza, the essence of Kombu, and the Nori aioli. Check out how creative this recipe is and how to bring out the umami flavor from the ingredients!

The pizza crusty may be floppy in this recipe. If you want a crispy pizza crust, let’s head on to the following recipe!


2. Spicy Salmon Sushi Pizza

Spicy Salmon Sushi Pizza

Salmon sushi, but let’s make it spicy!

Most of us love anything that is spicy and has salmon on top but have you tried a crispy sushi pizza? This sushi pizza recipe introduces a rice patty base making it crispy on the outside but soft and fluffy once you take a bite.

The author uses Panko breadcrumbs to coat the white rice and make the rice patty crispy. The technique to make the best crispy rice patty “pizza crust” is to make them not thicker than half an inch and completely freeze them before breading.


3. Canadian Sushi Pizza

Sushi pizza originated in Canada; watching this recipe gives you a lot of techniques to create the Canadian classic. This sushi pizza recipe says the directions before, during, and how it is served.

This version is somewhat similar to the crispy spicy salmon sushi pizza we talked about before this recipe, but it boasts a better ratio of topping to crust. Given its topping-to-crust ratio, you can easily improvise the recipe and make it vegan.


4. Sushi Pizza Topped with Eel Sauce

Sushi Pizza Topped with Eel Sauce

In this recipe, how the sushi rice is cooked is pretty much the same as the others mentioned, but how it is assembled and its garnish makes the recipe unique. Instead of pressing down the cool rice on the nori sheet, it is the other way around. You lay the nori sheet on top of the rice while it is hot to let the steam help the nori sheet stick.

After you finish the sushi rice pizza “crust”, it is time to assemble your toppings and drizzle the eel sauce and sriracha mayo.

The eel sauce is simple and easy to make. You only need four ingredients to have this masterpiece: sake, sugar, soy sauce, and mirin. It has a sweet and salty taste that enhances the sushi pizza but also goes well with other food varieties.


5. Vegan Sushi Pizza

Sushi pizza, but let’s make it vegan! When you say sushi, you can imagine the fresh raw tuna or salmon topping. The author and cook of this recipe are the same as the Canadian Sushi Pizza; if you have tried the previous recipe, how to make its crust is probably much the same.

What makes this recipe unique is its main ingredient or toppings; it has to be vegan. You need a ripe avocado, sliced cucumber, and doubanjiang to enhance the flavor of your sushi toppings.


6. Sushi Pizza Topped with Wakame Seaweed Salad

Sushi Pizza Topped with Wakame Seaweed Salad

The rice crust in this recipe is a bit unique. You have to use sushi rice to ensure it holds together, and once the perfect sushi rice is cooked and cool, you mix them in egg white and sesame seeds and bake it inside an oven. Interesting, isn’t it?

There is not much for the layering, but with the toppings, the recipe introduces wakame seaweed salad, which brings a unique taste and texture to the sushi pizza.


7. Roti Prata Bread for Sushi Pizza

You will find the toppings for this sushi pizza on the basic list. The excitement comes from its pizza crust. Instead of using sushi or short-grained rice, this recipe is improvised using roti prata bread for its pizza crust.

This recipe is definitely another dish fusion: Japanese and Indian dishes. Roti prata is a flatbread made of fried dough. Just like the sushi rice coated with panko breadcrumb, it is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.


8. Mini Sushi Pizza + Wasabi Aioli

Mini Sushi Pizza + Wasabi Aioli

Are you planning to have sushi pizza for your party? These mini bite-size sushi pizzas could be the best appetizer. We are accustomed to having the sushi pizza full round. In this recipe, you can improvise the slice sizes into bite-sized.

You can top your sushi pizza with kelp caviar and drizzle it with wasabi aioli. The wasabi aioli has a similar taste to horseradish or hot mustard that gives your sushi pizza an additional exciting taste!


9. Sushi Pizza + Avocado Sauce

This is another surprise for a sushi recipe. Our usual encounter with sushi, whether hand-rolled, baked, or in pizza form, is that avocados are thinly sliced for toppings.

But have you imagined using it as a sauce? This sushi pizza recipe is quite unique as it introduces avocado sauce to sushi pizza. You should definitely watch how the avocado sauce is made in this recipe video.

The sushi pizza in this recipe has a pan fry crust. Aside from the unique avocado sauce, there’s another topping that will surprise you: onion. You will be amazed by the taste of this sushi pizza. Follow the recipe to get the perfect taste.


10. Sushi Pizza Drizzled withJalapeño Slices + Ponzu Sauce

Sushi Pizza Drizzled withJalapeño Slices + Ponzu Sauce

This sushi pizza recipe is a common yet unique one. How you arrange the pizza base and its toppings are quite similar to the others on the list, but what makes it unique is what is sprinkled and drizzled on top— jalapeño slices and ponzu sauce.

Jalapeño toppings on sushi is unique and add more texture and flavor. Meanwhile, you commonly see ponzu sauce with sashimi, tataki, gyoza, and hot pot but let’s have it today with sushi pizza. Ponzu sauce has a tart-tangy flavor because it is a citrus mix, tasting it similarly to a vinaigrette.


11. No Bake Sushi Pizza

This sushi pizza recipe shows a different technique. You can tell the sushi rice is cooked similarly to the other recipes, but how the crust is assembled is quite unique. It has other mixes.

Moreover, how the sushi pizza is arranged and assembled is quite different. Everything is done into the pan before it is cooked under low heat. Yes, you read it right cooked on a stove under low heat; there’s no need for an oven to bake the sushi pizza.


12. Rice Cooker Recipe Sushi Pizza

You are probably wondering why we called it the rice cooker recipe. Unlike the other recipes that use an oven for baking or a pan to fry the sushi pizza, this recipe teaches us the technique that you can create a sushi pizza with a rice cooker.

The ingredients are pretty much the same; the only difference is it uses beer for the batter ingredients. You can add any topping that you want for this recipe.


13. Kimchi Chicken BBQ + Wasabi Mayo Salmon Sushi Pizza

There is a lot going on in this sushi pizza recipe. A sushi pizza that is Korean-style? This is a different dish fusion. Forget about the salmon or tuna toppings; this recipe teaches you how to make kimchi chicken barbecue for your toppings. It is definitely a must-try!

But, if you want to stick with the Japanese style, this easy-to-follow recipe is for you. You have to go back with the default topping: sashimi-grade salmon. Mix the salmon with wasabi mayo for added taste and texture, and if you are not a fan of wasabi, you can improvise it with the regular mayo.


14. Sushi Pizza Topped with Sriracha Aioli

Sushi Pizza Topped with Sriracha Aioli

This sushi pizza recipe is easy to create and open for improv; you can knock yourself with toppings your heart desires and drizzle it with sriracha aioli to add a unique texture.

Although the recipe says the sriracha aioli is the cheater or easier-made version of mayo and sriracha, you can improvise this! Traditional aioli is made with garlic oil and not mayonnaise; there is definitely a recipe for this traditional sriracha aioli on the Internet!

Final Thoughts

It is a fun experience to make your sushi pizza from these varieties of recipes. You cannot imagine the bliss and excitement of trying out different toppings or crust bases.

Do not hide your creativity; you can even use cooked seafood if raw food is not friendly for your tummy. The possibilities are endless with sushi pizza!

14 Must Try Sushi Pizza: The Best Snack to Have!


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a Sushi Pizza in 30 minutes or less!
Try Sushi Pizza The Best Snack to Have!

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