22 Best Sushi Donut Recipes

sushi donut

We’re calling all sushi fans: you’ll love this trend! Sushi donuts are a pretty new thing, but they’ve already become a sensation.

If you’re wondering what a sushi donut is and how to make it at home, read on for all the details. We’ve curated 22 sushi donut recipes you can try at home—perfect for a sushi party!

What is a sushi donut?

What is a sushi donut

The idea is that you’re eating a donut, but the ingredients are all from your favorite sushi roll. So it’s basically a giant bite of sushi—in donut form!

Sushi donut is a new food trend that combines two of the most popular foods: sushi and donuts.

Sushi donuts are small, bite-sized pieces of sushi made to look like a donut, with a hole in the center. They can be filled with tuna or salmon and served with soy sauce for dipping.

Sushi donuts are a dessert that has been gaining popularity in recent years. They typically consist of a ball of rice dough that is then deep-fried and filled with different toppings.

The most common toppings include salmon, tuna, avocado, cucumber, shrimp, and imitation crab meat. The sushi donuts are then topped with a sweet sauce and served as an appetizer or dessert.


Sushi donuts started gaining popularity when Instagram users posted pictures of their creations. The sushi donut trend took off after that, with more people adding them to their menus and posting pictures on social media.

There are many benefits associated with eating sushi donuts regularly! They’re low in calories but high in protein, making them an ideal snack for anyone looking to lose weight.

The benefits of sushi donuts include being easy to make at home, having a low-calorie count compared to other types of sushi, and being visually appealing, so they’ll get your guests excited about eating them right away!


There are three main types of sushi donuts: regular size, mini size, and bite-sized.

Regular size ones are typically served as an appetizer, while mini size ones can be enjoyed as an entree. Bite-sized ones are usually eaten as finger foods or snacks at parties or events where there isn’t enough time for eating full meals.

More than that, there are other types of sushi donuts that you can make at home, thanks to the many sushi donut recipes available on the internet!

1. Vegetable Sushi Donuts by FeedFeed

sushi donut

This recipe by FeedFeed is made with various colorful vegetables, including beets, carrots, cucumbers, and avocado.

It also has sheets of nori seaweed used in sushi rolls. All these veggies are then wrapped in sweet rice dough and deep-fried until crispy on the outside.

The best part? These Vegetable Sushi Donuts are incredibly easy to make. They take only about an hour from start to finish, which means you can enjoy them as soon as you wake up!

2. How To Make Sushi’s Sushi Doughnut Recipe

We know you want to be able to stuff your face with deliciousness whenever the mood strikes. Hence, we picked this recipe so easy to follow, even if you’re not a pro in the kitchen.

A sushi chef made this simple recipe. So, following this recipe will give you the best sushi donuts! This recipe calls for a silicone donut mold like other recipes. You can find them in the video’s description.

3. A Side of Sweet’s How to Make Sushi Donuts Recipe

sushi donuts

This recipe from A Side of Sweet shows you how to make sushi donuts using various ingredients. You can add as many toppings as you like.

For this sushi donut, the sky’s the limit for the toppings! This sushi donut recipe is gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, and egg-free. Plus, these look amazing!

4. Tasty’s How to Make A Sushi Donut

Tasty is here to give you a fantastic sushi donut recipe. This recipe by Tasty makes four different variations: Mackerel Tartarem Tuna Yamakake, Sea Urchin Gunkan, and Seared Salmon & Ikura.

All of them are very easy to follow. Tasty’s video on How to Make A Sushi Donut yields ten servings.

5. Japan Centre’s Vegetarian Sushi Doughnuts

sushi doughnut

Japan Centre is back with another one of their fantastic recipes! This time, they’ve taken the sushi donut craze to a new level with Vegetable Sushi Donuts.

These veggie sushi donuts are the perfect party appetizer. They’re easy to make, and they look so cute!

If you’re looking for a fun way to serve up veggies, this is the perfect vegetarian sushi doughnut recipe. Plus, even though these donuts contain veggies, they taste like dessert!

6. Sushi Donuts by TSM-13

Do you want to make a sushi donut with all your favorite ingredients? Look no further; the best sushi donut recipe is here!

TSM-13 made a sushi donut recipe including the top sushi ingredients, like cucumber, salmon, vinegared rice, and more. We love that you can easily arrange the toppings and layer them atop one another. Everything combines perfectly!

7. Kosher’s Sushi Donuts

donuts and sushi

Kosher.com has a recipe for sushi donuts that uses simple ingredients: saran wrap, spicy mayo, nori, cooked sushi rice, and sushi toppings. This recipe by Kosher can be filled with your favorites, like cooked salmon, Kani, and shredded veggies.

Whatever your preferred taste is, you’ll be able to satisfy that craving with Kosher’s Sushi Donuts Recipe!

8. TabiEats’ Sushi Donuts Recipe

Are you looking for a unique, creative take on the trendy sushi donut recipe? Here’s TabiEat’s Sushi Donuts Recipe, a straightforward and easy-to-follow video to satisfy your craving.

This recipe calls for rice vinegar, cucumber, onions, avocados, sugar, and salt. More ingredients can also be added. TabiEats will teach you how to season delicious sushi rice too perfectly!

9. Rainbow Sushi Donuts by Healthy Little Vittles

rice donuts near me

If you’re tired of the regular sushi, these rainbow sushi donuts are for you. This recipe by Healthy Little Vittles uses simple and healthy ingredients. The ingredients list includes carrot, green onion, avocado, purple cabbage, radish, and cucumber.

To make your rainbow sushi donuts yummier, you can dip them in liquid aminos. Doing this levels up your unique rainbow sushi donuts!

10. Cookist Wow’s Sushi Donuts for Sushi Lovers

Making sushi as a beginner in the kitchen is possible if you have the best recipe. If you’re a newbie, try out Cookist Wow’s Sushi Donuts for Sushi Lovers.

This recipe uses sushi rice, avocado, salmon, sesame, radish, Tobiko, and green onion. This recipe is easy and you can make it at home quickly. It’s a great way to get more nutrients in your diet while still enjoying delicious treats like this one!

11. Two Spoons’ Yummy Homemade Sushi Donuts

sushi donut near me

Two Spoons’ Yummy Homemade Sushi Donuts are excellent appetizers for a sushi party. This recipe requires 30 minutes of preparation and 20 minutes of cooking time.

This recipe makes colorful, savory, healthy donuts great for sharing with friends and kids. You’ll make a total of six sushi donuts for this recipe. But, you can always tweak it depending on how big your party is. You can also add your favorite toppings.

12. Peaceful Cuisine’s Sushi Donuts

Shh! It’s time for an ASMR Sushi Donuts Recipe. This recipe by Peaceful Cusine takes you to a quiet, peaceful experience in making your favorite dessert: sushi donuts.

You need carrots, beet, chive, white sesame seeds, sushi rice, and sushi vinegar for the sushi donuts. This recipe is simple and easy to follow. Plus, it’s very calming! Who would’ve thought making sushi could be this soothing?

13. Japanese Kawaii Sushi Donuts by Cookpad

sushi donut nyc

Prepare your cucumber, Shiso leaves, okra, and fresh sashimi to create this recipe by Cookpad. Cookpad’s Japanese Kawaii Sushi Donuts are exceptionally visually appealing!

They’re so beautiful that you can serve them up at a sushi party to impress your guests. These sushi donuts will surely wow your friends! This recipe also calls for dried seaweed, eggs, and sushi rice.

14. Anne Travel Foodie’s Sushi Donuts

Raise your hand if you’re a vegan or vegetarian. This sushi donuts recipe by Anne Travel Foodie is right for you! This recipe makes six donuts, which is more than enough for two people to enjoy.

This recipe uses soybeans and sushi rice, topped with ingredients of your choice. Anne Travel Foodie used avocado, radishes, sesame seeds, and salmon for this recipe.

15. Rainbow Sushi Donuts by Vega Recepten

mochi donut ring mold

What better way to enjoy your sushi than turning it into a healthy dessert? This Rainbow Sushi Donuts Recipe by Vega Recepten changes the ordinary sushi game.

This recipe will teach you everything about sushi from A to Z: you’ll learn how to make the best sushi rice! Vega Recepten’s Rainbow Sushi Donuts make six pieces, with a cooking time of 55 minutes.

16. DIY 16-pound Sushi Donut by HelthyJunkFood

Are you obsessed with sushi? Prepare your tummy for this giant 16-pound sushi donut! HelthyJunkFood made a 16-pound sushi donut perfect for you and your friends who love sushi.

This recipe is a collaboration with WAVE Asian Bistro & Sushi to make an array of sushi meals besides the giant sushi donut. You can see how they prepare sushi burgers, fries, and burritos.

These sushi meals create an extraordinary twist to traditional Japanese sushi. And we love it!

17. Kirbie Cravings’ Sushi Donuts

donuts mold

Kirbie Cravings Sushi Donuts Recipe makes fun and colorful sushi donuts perfect for your sushi party. You can add a twist to this recipe by customizing it according to what you’re craving for the day!

Kirbie Cravings recommends using a rice cooker to get the best sushi rice. Other ingredients used in this recipe are Persian cucumbers, eggs, sesame seeds, tuna, salmon, and other toppings. You can add avocado, cucumber, and different types of sashimi.

18. Jordan Rosendale’s Sushi Donuts

Is it your first time making sushi? Try out Jordan Rosendale’s Sushi Donut Recipe. This recipe uses cream cheese, smoked salmon, cucumber, seaweed, and avocado.

For dipping, you need a bottle of liquid aminos, which is like regular soy sauce but healthier. Here’s a tip from Jordan Rosendale: use sushi rice to ensure your donuts do not fall apart, as regular rice won’t stick together.

19. Sushi Donuts with Salmon, Octopus, Tuna, and Shrimp by KiwiLimon

japanese rice donuts

The recipe name says it all: these sushi donuts by Kiwilimon are mouthwatering! This recipe creates unique sushi donuts topped with octopus, shrimp, fresh time, cream cheese, cucumber, and black sesame.

To make the recipe even better, the sushi donuts are served with soy sauce, Tampico, and chipotle sauce. How delicious!

20. Rainbow Donut Sushi Cake by Japanese Stuff Channel

If you don’t have vinegar rice, this recipe is perfect. Japanese Stuff Channel’s Rainbow Donut Sushi Recipe does not use sumeshi (vinegar rice).

Instead, this recipe uses 16-grain rice to make the sushi donuts. This recipe makes a giant beautiful, creative sushi donut perfect for sharing with your friends and family.

21. Easy Sushi Donuts by Asian Caucasian Food Blog

project poke sushi donut

What people love about sushi donuts is that it is effortless to make. This Asian Caucasian Food Blog recipe is a simple recipe where you can create sushi donuts in about 45 minutes!

Asian Caucasian Food Blog also gives tips and tricks on perfecting this recipe. You’ll be taught how to make your donut more visually appealing and choose the best sushi-grade tuna in grocery stores.

22. Kimbap Sushi Donut by AngelaMinjiKim

Get over sushi burrito because Angela Minji Kim’s Kimbap Sushi Donut is here! This sushi donut recipe twists the original sushi donut recipe and turns it into Korean style.

This recipe uses seasoned rice, avocado filling, salt, and lemon juice. Angela Minji Kim used thinly sliced cucumbers, salmon, black sesame seeds, and fish eggs for the toppings.

sushi donut

22 Best Sushi Donut Recipes

Sushi donuts are a relatively new food trend sweeping the nation. They are made by taking a square-shaped piece of sushi rice and wrapping it around a donut, so it looks like a donut, then frying it and serving with nori and other toppings.
Thankfully, sushi donuts can be easily made at home with our list of the best sushi donut recipes!


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  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a Sushi Donut Recipe in 30 minutes or less!

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