18 Best Sushi in Chicago, IL [2023 Updated]

Chicago is well known for its sandy beaches, parks, and world-class museums. Many restaurants also sprawled around the city with its massive number of hangout spots.

If you ever crave sushi and other Japanese food while walking around the city, here are the 18 best sushi restaurants in Chicago.


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KAI-ZAN Best Sushi in Chicago, IL

Since 2012, local sushi chefs Melvin & Carlo Vizconde have been serving Chicago Avenue with their delicious and authentic sushi. They do many varieties of sushi that stray away from the traditional Japanese nigiri and maki.

Kai-Zan also incorporated many twists and variations with their sushi, such as vegetarian and wagyu sushi. Upon request, many of their options are open for vegetarian varieties.

Aside from sushi, you can also choose from their wide range of Japanese dishes such as yakisoba, chicken karaage, and teriyaki.



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Momotaro’s mission is to present Japanese cuisine in new and unique ways to the Fulton Market District. They want to incorporate the beloved parts of the Japanese heritage into the modern crowd while keeping its prestige fine-dining traditions.

You will surely love the variety of options from Momotaro, ranging from nigiri, nigirizushi, and makimono or maki rolls. Momotaro is also known for its Izakaya bar that serves many drinks, ranging from sake, beer, and cocktails.

Their restaurant will surely relax you as it’s decorated with vintage Japanese signs, low and warm lighting, and a wooden interior.


Roka Akor Chicago

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Roka Akor offers a fine-dining experience like no other, infused with an authentic yet contemporary twist to Japanese cuisine. They have many signature maki and nigiri, topped and filled with fresh, premium, and high-quality ingredients.

Their most sought menu items are the seared wagyu beef maki, unagi (eel) and sea urchin maguro, and lobster sushi rolls.

You will notice quickly that their ingredients and varieties are vast, with the best and most premium selection. If you want to taste a broader scope of their menu, you can try their omakase or chef sample.


Osaka Sushi Express

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Do you want to taste the wonderful flavors of Japanese food within a budget? Then, check out Osaka Sushi Express. The restaurant offers many sushi selections and other Japanese dishes such as sashimi and udon.

They have over fifty options of different varieties of sushi, so you know that they will surely meet your preferences.

The restaurant is also famous for its excellent and tasty sushi smoothies. It may be a weird combination on paper, but many reviews and customers vouch for the combination of the two.


Friends Sushi

$$ | (312) 787-8998 | WEBSITE

Friends Sushi Best Sushi in Chicago, IL

Friends sushi aims to serve its customers with the best service and fresh ingredients.

As they said, most things shouldn’t be rushed unless it’s with their sushi. They ensure that they have the best, high-quality ingredients without breaking the bank.

You can try out their signature Friends sushi roll for just eighteen dollars.

The sushi roll is filled with lobster shrimp tempura, green apple, spicy mayo, and cream cheese topped with red tobiko, wasabi mayo, avocado, tempura crumbs, and a drizzle of unagi or eel sauce.



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ARAMI Best Sushi in Chicago, IL

Arami is a very well-known Japanese cuisine spot in Chicago. It has garnered many recognitions and awards since its establishment.

Their menu comprises different sushi varieties, such as makimono, nigiri, and futomaki; we can ensure that you will not run out of options.

However, if you are feeling a bit adventurous, you can try their omakase or ‘chef’s choice’ dining option, which means that you will let the chef choose the entrees, appetizers, and dessert served to you.

You should try it if you are looking for a thrilling and exciting dining experience.



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Umai Best Sushi in Chicago, IL

‘Umai’ is a Japanese word for delicious, and they assure you that once you taste their sushi, you will utter the words ‘umai.’ They have many choices for maki rolls, hand rolls, and veggie maki.

You can try their signature maki called ‘Umai Crunch.’ It’s a sushi roll filled with lobster salad, avocado, cucumber, and spicy mayo.

Then, it’s wrapped with a crunchy nori sheet and drizzled with eel sauce. They also have various beverages, such as red wine, white wine, beer, and sake.



$$ | (312) 943-2220 | WEBSITE

Cocoro Best Sushi in Chicago, IL

Cocoro is a traditional izakaya bar that serves many drinks and appetizers to accompany it. In Japan, izakaya is a restaurant where you can wind down and relax from a long day of work.

The cozy light, cold and savory drink and the delicious Japanese foods will surely take your mind off work.

With their sushi bar, you can choose from various fish nigiri and maki rolls. They have tuna, yellowtail, shrimp, and salmon options. Famous western California and Tekka rolls are also available.


Niu Japanese Fusion Lounge

$$ | (312) 527-2888 | WEBSITE

Niu Japanese Fusion Lounge Best Sushi in Chicago, IL

This modern ad minimalistic sushi spot is a perfect dining spot, especially if you will have time to go to MC Streeterville Theater.

There is nothing like a night filled with movies, delicious sushi, and other Japanese dishes. The sushi menu of Niu Japanese restaurant is filled with many specialty rolls and classic sushi.

You can try many of their contemporary sushi dishes, such as their spicy ‘Sexy Mexican’ roll, ‘Tuna Poke Roll,’ and ‘Mango Tango Roll.’ They are also known for their different sake beverages. You will surely get your Japanese cuisine satisfied.



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Sushi-San offers a quick but delicious bite of Japanese cuisine without emptying your pockets. They provide quality sushi and other Japanese dishes such as miso, tempura, togarashi, and many more.

They also have a slew of sushi choices with vegan and gluten-free options.

You will also enjoy their drinks, such as sake, beer, cocktails, and wine, perfect to go along with your maki and nigiri sushi.

The interior of the restaurant is also very aesthetically-pleasing. The wall, floor, and furniture are filled with wooden motifs and décor.


Union Sushi and Barbecue Bar

$$ | (312) 662-4888 | WEBSITE


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The energy of a traditional Japanese sushi bar combined with the vibe of an American urban restaurant is the prominent feel of Union Sushi and Barbecue Bar.

With this restaurant, you will not only taste delectable sushi rolls made with the finest and fresh ingredients, but they also serve many barbecued dishes straight from the grill.

Their menu is filled with delicious maki rolls such as tuna, Alaskan, and spicy avocado.

They are also very affordable as most of their sushi is just less than ten dollars for the whole plate. So, if you want cheap but tasty sushi, check out Union Sushi and Barbecue Bar.


Niu B

$$ | (312) 922-1127 | WEBSITE

Niu B Best Sushi in Chicago, IL

If you want sushi and other Japanese noodle dishes, Niu B is the place to be. It was established in 2014 as an homage to Japanese cuisine, especially ramen and sushi.

Executive Chef Jimmy Cao ensures that their ingredients are from sustainable and clean sources.

Their menu is filled with many vegan and gluten-free options, so you can ensure that there is something for you even if you have dietary restrictions.

They even have a combination of sashimi and sushi, perfect if you are a fan of both. Their price is also very affordable, considering the quality of their sushi.


Seadog Sushi Bar

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Everyone will surely enjoy their dining experience at Seadog Sushi Bar. They have an inclusive vegan and vegetarian menu, so you can ensure that their sushi is available for you, whatever food diet you are following.

You can try out their ‘Secret Garden’ sushi filled with avocado, mango, asparagus, spring mix, and kampyo. Then, the whole roll is deep-fried and drizzled with dressings.

You will never run out of options as their menu is filled with many new and innovative combinations of fillings, toppings, and sauces.



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The Japanese and Southeast Asian cuisine meet in Sunda’s ever-expanding menu.

The restaurant strives to mix the traditional dishes from Japan and Southeast Asia with modern ingredients and cooking methods. You will never run out of options for sushi when you dine in Sunda.

They have eleven varieties of nigiri toppings you can choose from. Their sushi and sashimi range from the standard and traditional yellowfin tuna, salmon, and shrimp to rarer options such as unagi or freshwater eel and urchins.

Their beverages are also top-notch, especially their renowned Japanese rice wine or sakes.


Omakase Yume

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Since a young age, Chef Sangtae Park has wanted to share his East Asian-inspired dishes. He has helped many Japanese restaurants before establishing his own Omakase Yume.

It’s very apparent that his efforts paid off as Omakase Yume is recognized as a part of one-star Michelin restaurants.

Since the restaurant is based on omakase or ‘chef’s choice,’ the menu and food they serve daily change based on the chef. So, if you want exciting and new flavors of sushi, check out this restaurant.


Hot Wok Cool Sushi

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Want to taste incredible sushi without breaking the bank? Then, check out Hot Wok Cool Sushi.

They serve many varieties of sushi, ranging from maki, signature spicy sushi rolls, and nigiri-sashimi combo. The restaurant is well-known for its vegan and vegetarian options.

However, one of their most intriguing items is their sushi donut.

If you are intrigued, you can try their ‘Drizzled Sushi Donut,’ it’s a combination of avocado and salmon, topped with sweet potato crisp with a drizzle of unagi sauce and spicy mayo. It’s genuinely a new and innovative way to enjoy sushi.


Stetsons Modern Steak + sushi

$$$ | (312) 239-4491 | WEBSITE

Stetsons Modern Steak + sushi Best Sushi in Chicago, IL

Sushi and steak are a perfect combination for a hearty and delicious meal. The infused flavors of seafood and seared, juicy beef cuts will satisfy your cravings once you visit Stetsons Modern Steak and Sushi.

In 2018, their restaurants also won a ‘Wine Spectator’ award due to their delectable and high-quality wine selection.

Their ingredients are sourced from sustainable and USDA-approved manufacturers. So, you can ensure that you will have fresh and delicious sushi from a clean and high-quality source. You will genuinely have a fine-dining experience with Stetsons’.


Mirai Sushi Gold Coast

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Mirai Sushi serves Chicago with its excellent quality sushi and other Japanese food for over twenty years.

The restaurant infused the traditional Japanese flavors and Western influences to create unique flavors without delving away from the authentic sushi roll.

The design of their restaurant is also well-regarded by patrons and new customers alike. You will surely relax and enjoy yourself in Mirai Sushi due to their unique menu and excellent service.



The beautiful parks, museums, and sandy beaches of Chicago provide a delightful backdrop to the traditional taste of Japanese sushi. We hope this list of the 18 best sushi in Chicago will aid you with your next food endeavors.

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