14 Best Sushi Places in Baton Rouge, LA [2023 Updated]

Sushi Places in Baton Rouge, LA

We can always find sushi places in every place we set our feet. However, most often than not, we wanted to have a memorable, lasting sushi experience. Come to think of it. Isn’t it amazing if you can have a sushi blast wherever you go?

You deserve the best sushi experience. If you’re a sushi lover, you need to have a go-to sushi restaurant now and then. Now, you don’t need to struggle to satisfy your sushi cravings.

These are the 14 Best Sushi Places in Baton Rouge, LA, that you can visit for your next sushi adventure.

Sushi Village

$$ | (225) 296-8018 | WEBSITE

Best Sushi Places in Baton Rouge, LA Sushi Village

Try asking your friendly neighborhood around Baton Rouge, LA, for a recommended sushi place. We assure you that Sushi Village will pop up at the top of the list. So, here we are.

Sushi Village is one of the must-try sushi bars you should never forget in Baton Rouge, LA. Catch a glimpse of their Japanese menu. You will be surprised that Sushi Village will never leave you with no options.

From sushi bar appetizers to sushi bar entrĂ©es and classic and unique rolls, there’s a lot this place can offer its guests. Plus, the sushi place comes with excellent service and friendly staff. So, come to this sushi place with great prices.


Tsunami Sushi Baton Rouge

$$ | (225) 346-5100 | WEBSITE


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Tsunami Sushi is among the food gems found in Baton Rouge, LA. Located near the Shaw Center of the Arts, this sushi place is the ultimate spot for fresh sushi and handcrafted cocktails.

It’s an excellent place for hanging out with your friends on a weekend night with its overlooking rooftop view. Tsunami Sushi opens its doors for special events, private parties, and catering. And that’s all because they know that you love sushi.

Awarded as having the Best Sushi by 225 Magazine, visit this place when looking for sushi bars in Baton Rouge, LA. We are 100% sure that you will never forget your sushi experience.


Rock-n-Sake Bar & Sushi

$ | (225) 615-7940 | WEBSITE

Best Sushi Place in Baton Rouge, LA Rock-n-Sake Bar & Sushi

The moment you walk into this sushi restaurant, you can feel an upbeat Japanese vibe. That’s because you are in Rock-N-Sake Bar & Sushi. This authentic sushi bar is perfect for people who never sacrifice quality over quantity.

You should try the sushi specialties are Salmon Zest Roll, Red Dragon Roll, and Cucumber Outside Roll. Sashimi? Of course, this sushi place would amount to nothing if there were no signature sashimi. Be sure to have one!

What’s more extraordinary is that this sushi place is affordable and accessible. They welcome parties, catering, reservations, and online orders.


Wahada Sushi

$ | (225) 767-1880 | WEBSITE

Santa Monica, CA Best Sushi Places Wahada Sushi

No list of Baton Rouge, LA, sushi bars would never be complete without Wahada Sushi. There’s a load of sushi rolls from Tuna, Yellow Tail, Fresh Salmon, and Mackerel, all for $5.25.

Have you gone through a stressful week and want to have sushi as your comfort food? Then, we highly recommend Wahada Sushi to you. A mainstay of the traditional Japanese dish, Wahada Sushi offers an extensive sushi menu from nigiri sushi, classic rolls, and special rolls.

True to their passion for providing affordable sushi servings, you can have their unique Sushi Tiger Roll, Christmas Roll, and New Orleans Roll at $15.95. You don’t need to go to a top-notch, Michelin restaurant for an enjoyable sushi experience.


Ichiban Sushi Bar & Grill

$$ | (225) 767-2288 | WEBSITE

Santa Monica, CA Best Sushi Place Ichiban Sushi Bar & Grill

Supporting the call for Japanese sushi authenticity, Ichiban Sushi Bar & Grill serves its guest with handcrafted sushi rolls and the freshest sashimi. We all agree that sometimes all we want is a chill sushi night. So, if you want that, then check out Ichiban Sushi.

On top of that, this sushi place has generous amounts of sushi servings. You could find sushi platters and combos where you choose up to two to three rolls.

And, if you want to end your sushi meal with a delightful but unique dessert, this place has your back. Try having their Tempura Ice Cream and Tempura Banana. Itadakimasu!


Waka House

$$ | (225) 389-6615 | WEBSITE

Sushi Places in Baton Rouge, LA Waka House

Opened in 2006, Waka House is one of the cornerstones of sushi places in Baton Rouge, LA. This sushi place treats its guests like their families with sushi rolls made from the freshest ingredients and skilled expertise.

Go ahead with the number one famous sushi roll of Waka House: Hayden Roll at $10.99. Then you’ll realize why you should try this time-honored sushi restaurant.

Waka House has been striving to offer its customers the best sushi experience for 12 years in Baton Rouge. This sushi place is an excellent spot for chill nights and hangouts with its casual and contemporary vibe.


FinBomb Sushi

$$ | (225) 663-2128 | WEBSITE

Sushi Place in Baton Rouge, LA FinBomb Sushi

Tucked at the corner of Arlington Marketplace, FinBomb Sushi is a fantastic place to have sushi after your shopping spree. This cozy sushi place is home to a burst of flavorful sushi burritos in Baton Rouge, LA.

Pick from their signature burritos: Land and Sea, Dynamite Scallops, and Crazy Tuna. And here’s the exciting part. The place offers you to create your sushi burrito. Mix and match. Sushi with a twist. You can have it all.

Sushi burrito over a bowl of Japanese Ramen? Sounds good, right? With many offerings and flavorful sushi meals, FinBomb is truly a blast!


Tiger Sushi

$$ | (225) 291-9933 | WEBSITE

Santa Monica, CA Sushi Places Tiger Sushi

Without a single doubt, sushi rolls are one of our go-to comfort food of us. It seems that we cannot have enough sushi. So, here’s another classic sushi destination that you should add to your checklist: Tiger Sushi.

Indulge in some of Tiger Sushi’s Specialty Rolls: Jazz Roll, Snowcrab Naruto, and Rice Paper Roll. You can also have the crowd’s favorite hand rolls like Tuna Avocado Hand Roll, Rainbow Hand Roll, and Spider Hand Roll.

Because of its broad palette of sushi rolls, LA’s sushi bar in Baton Rouge has gained a large following. So, when that happens, you can go for online delivery.


Sushi Yama

$$ | (225) 767-8880 | WEBSITE

Santa Monica, CA Sushi Place Sushi Yama

Another sushi bar that left its mark of serving only the freshest sushi in town is none other than Sushi Yama. Sushi Yama is one of the top three sushi bars ranked by Yelp and Trip Advisor.

Different magazines even feature this sushi bar. So, if you’re up for an authentic sushi experience, go and check out this place. Sushi Yama brings their guests assorted sushi entrees from classic rolls to sushi lunch.

Found near the corner of Staring Lane and Perkins Roads, Tiger Sushi has been welcoming guests for 12 years now. Widely accessible, this sushi place is open for dine-in, take-out, and pick-up orders.


Sushi Masa

$$ | (225) 761-0889 | WEBSITE

Top Sushi Places in Baton Rouge, LA Sushi Masa

We’ve got to admit now that sushi rolls are one of the best things in life. A single roll is a jump packed with ingredients in the right blend. So, in case you decide that you will go for a sushi feast, you arrive at the perfect place, Sushi Masa.

Whether with your food buddies or loved ones, you can have a nostalgic experience over sushi rolls. For $18.95, this sushi restaurant offers an All-You-Can-eat sushi roll and appetizers, sides, and kitchen meals.

Sushi Yama can make your stomach full in no time. So, congratulations! You can have the best sushi experience in the palm of your hands.


Ginza JC Kamado’s Sushi

$$ | (225) 291-3503 | WEBSITE

Top Sushi Place in Baton Rouge, LA Ginza JC Kamado's Sushi

Of course, Ginza JC Kamado’s Sushi would be on the list of best sushi bars in Baton Rouge, LA. Who would even miss that? This sushi bar will make you feel at home while letting you experience a taste of Japan.

Let’s start with their signature rolls that you should check out: King Salmon Roll, Fire Star Roll, and Pink Lady Roll. Try their California Maki Roll, Dynamite Roll, and Boston Roll, reinventing classic Japanese sushi.


Hello Sushi

$ | (225) 750-2888 | WEBSITE


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Here’s to another sushi bar that received the latest rave in Baton Rouge, LA. So, if you’re a food enthusiast who wants to join the sushi wave, then here we go. The best sushi rolls you can discover in the house are Eel & avocado Roll, Spicy Salmon Roll, and Yellowtail Roll, all for $7.

Are you a “budgetarian” who wants to enjoy life but stick to your budget simultaneously? We agree that a premium sushi experience often comes with a high price.

But do not worry anymore. Hello sushi got you covered. You can have a fancy sushi experience even at a low price. Budgetarians are openly welcome into this affordable sushi restaurant.


Taste & See Sushi Hibachi

$ | (225) 383-0999 | WEBSITE

Santa Monica, CA Top Sushi Places Taste & See Sushi Hibachi

Taste & See Sushi Hibachi is one of the most outstanding contenders for serving the best sushi in Baton Rouge, LA. Located at Northgate, this restaurant deserves a spot on your must-try sushi places.

The highlights of their menu are their sushi bar appetizers, sushi entrees, and hand rolls. For $12,95, Taste & See Sushi Hibachi welcomes you to have their chef’s special roll.

It’s lively and inviting ambiance makes it a great sushi place for family and friends. Taste & See Sushi Hibachi promise that you will never be disappointed. Give them a shot!


Nagoya Sushi House

$ | (225) 227-2575 | WEBSITE

Santa Monica, CA Top Sushi Place Nagoya Sushi House

Down to our last hurrah of the best sushi places you can find around Baton Rouge, LA is Nagoya Sushi House. You will agree that sushi rolls are always on top of food trends.

So, if you’re hunting for great sushi, swing by Nagoya Sushi House. We assure you that having their sushi is one of the most significant decisions you would make.

Just a glance at their menu, you will be overwhelmed by the variety of sushi rolls they got to offer. Are you up for trying various sushi rolls in one sitting? Nagoya Sushi House got you covered!


Wrap Up

It is no mystery that Baton Rouge, LA, has a lot of established sushi dining places. Whether you’re a regular or a food explorer, you’ll love and enjoy the metropolis’s food chains.

Are you ready for your next sushi hopping escapade? Get moving! Here we created the top picks that we wanted you to try. You will never get lost in these 14 best sushi places in Baton Rouge, LA.

Do you have any favorite sushi places on our list? What do you enjoy about it? Please let us know in the comments.

Sushi Place in Baton Rouge, LA

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