20 Sushi Cake Recipes For Any Occasion

Have you thought of combining dessert with your favorite Japanese dish? These 20 sushi cake recipes can fulfill your appetite if you haven’t.

sushi cake recipes

From the most basic to the artisan-style and diet specific, we have it all on the list. And by that, we mean vegan recipes, teriyaki sushi, and low-carb ones. Another thing to look forward to is those with pink-colored rice! And if you haven’t seen one, you’re in luck because we’ve included some of it below.

But don’t worry—it’s not sweet as those cake springforms you get on your birthday. After all, it’s still sushi with layers of goodness like a cake.

1. Homemade Sushi Cake with Salmon Roe

Homemade Sushi Cake with Salmon Roe

Colorful and creative—these are two words that would describe this homemade sushi cake. It has three rice layers with tangy and spicy tuna filling. But one of its essential ingredients is spring onions or scallions. It balances the former flavor with a sweeter and mellow taste.  

And for decoration, Ramona recommends the freshest sushi-grade fish. But canned tuna is the safest bet if you don’t have access to the best fishmonger.


2. Sakura Leaves Salmon Sushi Cake

Spring reminds us of Sakura, and so does this dainty cake. This recipe by Chef Naoko showcases the intricate process of crafting a well-layered sushi cake. And by that, we mean it includes even pink and green-colored Japanese rice, carefully balanced in ratio with the filling.

Although the procedure is meticulous, we can guarantee this recipe is like no other. So take on the challenge if you want something gobsmacking!

3. Sushi Cake Easier Than Sushi Roll

Sushi Cake Easier Than Sushi Roll

If you think Sushi Rolls are easy enough, this technique will prove otherwise. Shihoko shares her secret to make this unique and traditional. And that includes Kinshi Tamago, smoked salmon rose, and Sakura Denbu.

All of these provide a unique flavor and color contrast that makes this a showstopper. But feel free to add other ingredients like lotus root for added texture.

4. Tiny Spicy Tuna Sushi Cake

There are so many reasons why this tuna cake recipe is fit for novice home cooks. But let’s start by saying you only need eight ingredients! And that includes canned tuna and pre-made sauce.

Another reason is it does not bake—only pop it off the cup, and you’re all set! Lastly, you don’t need a cake tin to do this. As long as you have a stainless measuring cup, you’re good!

5. Flavorful Sushi Cake for Parties

Flavorful Sushi Cake for Parties

Are you expecting eight people for your next small home party? Try this delightful cake with fresh salmon, avocado, and caviar. The raw fish marinates in sesame oil and soy sauce to give it a slight salty-sweet taste.

But aside from the filling, each layer has round nori sheets topped with Japanese rice. And for a refreshing taste, Cookist adds slices of cucumber and avocado. Yum!   

6. Salmon-Covered Sushi Cake

This sushi cake recipe is the most eye-catching dish we’ve ever seen! Chef Devaux coated the cake tin with sashimi-grade salmon. Then he layered it with other ingredients.

Inside, you’ll find Japanese rice with hints of wasabi paste for extra spice. And to balance it, he adds Masago (Capelin roe), Tamago, and avocado. You can say it’s like a California roll but much better!

7. Celebration Sushi Cake by Tastemade

Celebration Sushi Cake by Tastemade

This cake by Tastemade reminded us of a vibrant birthday cake for children. But this recipe is more than what the eye meets.

The first layer features four types of sashimi, giving it a great color contrast. Then followed by Japanese rice, Parilla leaves, and smoked salmon. And lastly, some avocado slices for a creamy texture. Now, can you imagine all the seafood feast flavors on this dish?

8. Easy Sushi Cake with Sakura Denbu

Sometimes, we crave dishes that offer a good play on texture. And luckily, this recipe is the answer to that. Here you’ll find pink-colored sushi rice and another layered with sesame seeds.

In the sushi mix, it has finely chopped surimi, cucumber, and many more. But don’t get carried away with dicing! Guests love to see finely sliced sashimi as decoration.

9. Savory Vegan Sushi Cake

Savory Vegan Sushi Cake

The good thing about the sushi cake recipe is that you can swap the ingredients to cater to any diet. Like this Vegan recipe, for example—made with fiber-rich brown rice and tofu.

But don’t worry about compromising the taste. It still has a refreshing flavor from the vegetables and fruits. Plus, savory notes from the Furikake seasoning. The edamame mousse also brings out a slightly sweet and buttery note for a complete experience.

10. Lee Kum Kee’s Sushi Cake

From the creators of authentic Asian sauce comes this savory taste you can add to anything. And, well, including this easy sushi cake recipe.

First, you’ll need to secure the brand’s sriracha mayo, Hoisin sauce, and chili sauce. Once you have the goods, you can begin layering the rice, nori, and fresh sashimi. Easy as one, two, three, right?

11. Low-Carb Cauliflower Sushi Cake

Low-Carb Cauliflower Sushi Cake

For those tempted to eat sushi but not willing to sacrifice the carbs, this one is for you! The base is made from cauliflower bits instead of sushi rice. Then for the flavors—you can expect a creamy, savory note from surimi and chipotle mayonnaise.

Layer everything on a Bundt tin and refrigerate for 20 mins. After waiting, you can flip it and slice through the gorgeous layers.

12. Smoked Salmon Flowers and Prawn Sushi Cake

Do you like mushrooms on your sushi? This cake recipe features a boiled shiitake mushroom over sugar, maple syrup, and Kikoman brewed soy sauce. It gives it a slightly sweet flavor with a balanced saltiness. And yes, you won’t need any dipping sauce for this.

But aside from those, it also includes mangetouts. Those garden peas serve as a decoration alongside the salmon, prawn, and sliced Tamago.

13. Elegant Rainbow Sushi Cake

Elegant Rainbow Sushi Cake

First, look at this mini sushi cake; it already captured our hearts and appetite! This recipe is ideal if you’re planning a dinner date at home or to serve your special someone.

First, you’ll need a couple of ingredients for each layer. That includes a list of yellowtail, salmon tartare, and tuna tartare. Each mentioned fish combines with spices and sauces to create a marrying flavor.

14. Heart-Shaped Sushi Cake

Sushi is a well-loved dish worldwide, so why not resonate it with the style? This heart-shaped cake is coated with salmon sashimi with a big rose decoration.

Although the original recipe did not specify the filling, you can recreate this with your own sushi mix. Another tip is to take inspiration from other listed recipes to elevate Japanese rice.

15. Impressive Teriyaki Beef Sushi Cake

Impressive Teriyaki Beef Sushi Cake

Take the path less traveled with this slow-cooked recipe. It features a combination of soft teriyaki beef and creamy avocado mayo. Both of which create a balanced flavor that can wow everyone on the scene.

Another great thing about this is that you can let lose your artistic side. Add a sliced cucumber or nori strips—however you like it, it’s welcome here!

16. Birthday Sushi Cake

Is your closest friend’s birthday right around the corner? Why not give them a unique cake that serves a dual purpose? Instead of using salt, it has powdered kelp, giving the dish a healthy boost.

All the ingredients are also high in protein and nutrients—but do not compromise the taste. Lastly, add a salmon roe for a pop of color and elegance.

17. Rectangular Sushi Cake

Rectangular Sushi Cake

You can try Martha Stewart’s recipe if you’re not a fan of raw fish. It features cooked shrimp and plump crabmeat seasoned with different spices. In the blog, she also mentioned a technique on the nori sheet to enhance the flavor.

And if you’re wondering if you can make this ahead of time, the answer is yes. You can chill it overnight before serving.

18. Bite-size Sushi Cake

If you don’t have cake tins, use a muffin pan as an alternative to create a bite-size cake. It’s relatively easy to make since you only need a few layers for this.

In between the sushi rice are avocado slices and salmon mix. And to cap off everything, add a round nori sheet at the bottom. Then, chill it in the fridge for two hours to secure its round form.

19. Whimsical Sushi Cake

Whimsical Sushi Cake

Are you dreaming of Chirashi sushi or Tekka Maki? The center layer of fresh shiso leaves, cucumber, and creamy avocado makes this a whimsical cake. (And satisfy your cravings on the side). All this refreshing taste balances with the cooked shrimp and salmon.

But if you’re feeling creative, you can shape the salmon strips into flowers. Then, serve it with soy sauce and wasabi.

20. Green Goodness Vegan Sushi Cake

Nothing is more indulgent than this beautifully assembled vegan sushi cake. Urban Platter took the time to shape the carrots and avocados to mimic a field. The oriental chili threads on top also give it an impressive finish that entices the eye.

Now for the filling, you’ll find purple cabbage, nori sheets, and thinly sliced cucumbers. But, don’t forget to pick short-grain sushi rice to achieve a packed look.


Which one of the 20 sushi cake recipes are you eyeing to make this coming weekend? As for us, we had a hard time picking only one since each features a different ingredient. But if we were to narrow it down based on structure, it would be the heart-shaped one. You can customize it, and the possibilities with its filling are endless.  

Sushi Cake Recipe For Any Occasion

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