sushi roll vs hand roll

Sushi Roll vs. Hand Roll: What are the Differences?

Different variations have been available since sushi has become more prevalent in modern food culture. One of these sushi variations is the hand roll. This article will tell you about the differences and similarities between sushi rolls vs. hand rolls. What is Sushi Roll? Sushi roll or makizushi is the type most of us associate with

what is maki sushi

Maki vs. Sushi: What Makes the Difference?

Going out for Japanese cuisine can be enjoyable. When looking at the menu, though, things might quickly become perplexing. Maki vs. sushi: can you tell the difference between the two? They have gained so much popularity today. If you’re not sure what the differences are, keep reading. Fundamental Differences between Maki and Sushi Sushi is

how long is sushi good for

How Long is Sushi Good for?

Sushi has been a significant part of Japanese cuisine. With the rise of contemporary food culture, sushi has garnered a spot as one of the most popular food items in the world. With that said, how long is sushi good for? What is Sushi?   Sushi is a staple rice dish from Japan. It primarily consists

nigiri sushi

Nigiri vs. Sashimi: What is the Difference?

Nigiri and sashimi have been a staple in many Japanese houses and restaurants. They are often compared and get used interchangeably due to their various similarities. However, nigiri and sashimi are unique in their particular ways. In this article, let’s tackle the differences between nigiri vs. sashimi. What is Nigiri? Nigiri is a type of