sushi rice calories

How Many Calories Are in Sushi Rice?

One of the best ways to stay healthy while enjoying good food is to know what goes in our system. However, not all information is readily available to us. There are a few, though. One of those is the calorie count. If you are a big fan of sushi, you might wonder how many calories


What is Masago in Sushi?

There are many kinds of sushi. As one would expect, that would mean there are many sushi ingredients too. We have the popular ones like fish and shellfish. On the other hand, there are lesser-known ingredients too. Today, we will be shining the light on one of those ingredients – masago! Yes, it will be

can kids eat sushi

At What Age Can Kids Eat Sushi? 

Are you a mom or a dad and also a big sushi fan? If so, you might be itching to share your favorite treat with your kids. With that, you might be asking: when can kids eat sushi? You came to the right place! Today, we will answer this question, talk about sushi safety, and

how healthy is sushi

Is Sushi Healthy? (Does Sushi Make You Fat?)

Sushi is a well-rounded ball of happiness with a balance of flavors and a good play on toppings and ingredients. This Japanese dish makes a great snack, lunch, dinner, or appetizer. Sushi lovers swear they can eat the delicacy forever! But is sushi healthy? Does sushi make you fat? All About Sushi Sushi is one

anisakis sushi

How Likely Is It To Get Parasites From Sushi?

Sushi is a delicious delight with lip-smackingly tasty ingredients to satisfy our palates. However, discussion forums on the internet are tackling a controversy about the snack: how likely is it to get parasites from sushi? This article will guide you on everything you need to know about sushi and sushi parasites. If you’re a sushi

how to roll sushi

How to Roll Sushi? (Step-by-Step Guide, Tips & Tricks)

Sushi rolling may appear complicated, but it is simple if you have the appropriate tools. Sushi rolls require some practice. Your first few attempts may be far from perfect. However, the return is well worth the work you put in. Continue reading and learn how to roll sushi by following the step-by-step guide below. Using

can you eat sushi when pregnant

Can You Eat Sushi When Pregnant? (Safe & Unsafe Sushi Types)

Eating seafood rich in omega-3 fatty acids can be beneficial during pregnancy. However, some foods you may believe are healthy but risk you and your baby. You may also wonder: “Can you eat sushi while pregnant?”  Continue reading to learn more before canceling your dinner arrangements or ordering those maki rolls. Is sushi safe for

is sushi gluten free

Is Sushi Gluten-Free?

Sushi has been a staple in the modern food culture due to the different flavors and great tastes. The dish moved past its roots in Japan throughout the whole world. With that said, people with gluten intolerance or celiac disease only have one thing in their mind: Is sushi gluten-free? What is Gluten? Gluten is the

sushi roll vs hand roll

Sushi Roll vs. Hand Roll: What are the Differences?

Different variations have been available since sushi has become more prevalent in modern food culture. One of these sushi variations is the hand roll. This article will tell you about the differences and similarities between sushi rolls vs. Hand rolls. What is Sushi Roll? Sushi roll or makizushi is the type most of us associate with

what is maki sushi

Maki vs. Sushi: What Makes the Difference?

Going out for Japanese cuisine can be enjoyable. When looking at the menu, though, things might quickly become perplexing. Maki vs. sushi: can you tell the difference between the two? They have gained so much popularity today. If you’re not sure what the differences are, keep reading. Fundamental Differences between Maki and Sushi Sushi is