18 Best Sushi Places in Austin, TX [2023 Updated]

Who does not like sushi?

There are tons of delicious Japanese dishes out there. However, many might agree that sushi is one of the bests. It is no wonder there are many sushi-lovers out there, and you might be one of the many!

Well, if that is the case or you simply crave some sushi right now, we might be able to help you find some mighty fine sushi places because today, we will show you what we deem as the 18 best sushi places in Austin, TX!

You are in for a long ride, so let us start!

IchiUmi Sushi

$$ | (512) 795-8666 | WEBSITE

IchiUmi Sushi

Let us start this off with IchiUmi Sushi!

Many would attest that IchiUmi Sushi sure has some scrumptious sushi. That is not all you could get over this sushi place, though! They have tons of other delicious dishes. Many things you can enjoy with your sushi!

Their food does not only taste good. It looks good too. If you like capturing moments, their food (and their place) is picture ready! Snap away!

As a cherry on top, they also have some of the most accommodating people you will ever meet!


Musashino Sushi Dokoro

$$$ | (512) 795-8593 | WEBSITE


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Did you take a visit to Japan? Tasted some authentic sushi? Now that you are home, are you looking desperately for that taste again? You might want to give Musashino Sushi Dokoro a chance to help you with that.

They have other delicious Japanese dishes, but it might be the sushi that would keep you coming back for more.

You can say this place is a hidden gem. Literally and figuratively. They are tucked away upstairs an office building, so you might have a little trouble locating them. However, the food seems to be worth the adventure!


Tomodachi Sushi

$$ | (512) 821-9472 | WEBSITE

Tomodachi Sushi Best Sushi Places in Austin, TX

Tomodachi Sushi is a place with some interesting backstory. They may not have centuries under their belt yet, but their space sure does have some history.

You can say the restaurant is the manifestation of the passion of the husband and wife that runs the place.

You can know more about this place’s history when you give them a visit, but for now, allow us to talk about their sushi. Their sushi is not only meant to fill your tummies but your eyes as well. Their sushi is both delicious and beautiful!



$$$ | (512) 531-9142 | WEBSITE


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Here, we have one of Austin’s favorite places to get some sushi, Soto!

As you might already know, food places serve tons of people. While they may try, they will not be able to satisfy everyone.

However, in their years of satisfying sushi cravings, Soto has been doing an excellent job keeping its customers happy. So, if you want some good sushi and great customer service, this food place is one you might consider checking out!



$$ | (512) 770-6880 | WEBSITE


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Do you want to know what a childhood in the beautiful country of Japan would taste like? You might want to head on over to Fukumoto and get a bite of their sushi then.

That is not all you would want to get, though! Make your visit worthwhile and dig into some of their other dishes. You might have some trouble, though.

They have tons of delicious things on the menu. You might have trouble picking, or you might end up with more than you originally planned! That seems like a delicious problem, though. Do you not agree?



$$$$ | (512) 916-4808 | WEBSITE


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Here is another of Austin’s beloved food places – Uchiko!

How much is this place loved? It seems most of those who dine here end up going out with high praises for Uchiko!

Their menu is great in more ways than one. They have a good selection, and their dishes are delicious.

You might have trouble picking what to eat with all the mouth-watering meals listed. However, you will still likely finish with a happy and filled tummy.


Umi Sushi Bar & Grill

$$ | (512) 383-8681 | WEBSITE


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Are you looking for some traditional sushi but also crave some new creative sushi? You do not have to pick between the two here at Umi Sushi! They have both!

Umi Sushi is a fun place to take your friends for some sushi. They do not only have mouth-watering and good-looking meals, but the décor is also a nice touch. You could say you will be eating pretty sushi in a pretty place!


Midori Sushi Austin

$$ | (512) 257-1411 | WEBSITE

Midori Sushi Austin Best Sushi Places in Austin, TX

If you are looking for a sushi place to grab a bite with your friends and family, you might want to give Midori Sushi a chance!

Sushi? They have it. Cozy and fun interior? They have those too. Lovely staff? They have a few of those too! As you can see, Midori Sushi can offer you a fun dining experience! So, call the gang and head on over to Midori Sushi now!



$$$$ | (512) 916-4808 | WEBSITE


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Over here, we have Uchi. You might have heard of them already. After all, they are one of the popular food places in the area.

As you can see, Uchi is not the cheapest place to get some sushi, but if you have the buck to spare, we believe this place is one good way to spend it.

They might be pricier than the other options, but they have good food, good service, and a lovely place to make up for it!


Ebisu Japanese Restaurant

$$ | (512) 243-5554 | WEBSITE


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Here, we have another gem – Ebisu! They have a great menu that has tons of good-looking sushi. However, that is not all they offer their diners. They also have a lovely atmosphere and good customer service.

Their waitstaff is attentive and friendly without being too much. So, they can attend to your needs, but they will not make you feel like every bite is being watched.

Sounds nice? You might want to call up a friend or two and head on to Ebisu now!



$$$$ | (512) 994-0428 | WEBSITE

Otoko Best Sushi Places in Austin, TX

Next, we have Otoko! This place is one of the best if you want to catch up with some friends over sushi. They have a chill vibe, which goes well with their laid-back but classy interior.

To add, they also have some great tunes. Overall, they have some scrumptious sushi and an amazing atmosphere! Of course, we cannot forget to mention that they also have some lovely waitstaff there. What is not to love with Otoko?


Osaka Mansun Restaurant

$$ | (512) 918-8012 | WEBSITE


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Are you a fan of Japanese and Korean cuisine? Well, this sushi place might be for you then!

Osaka Mansun has a wide array of sushi from which you can take your pick. However, of course, that is not all. Their menu has lots of delicious-looking dishes.

You will not have to choose between a Japanese or Korean place anymore, but you might have some trouble picking what to order! We tell you, there are just so many eye-catching things on the menu!


Mikado Ryotei

$$ | (512) 833-8188 | WEBSITE


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Do you want some wine with your sushi? It might not be the most common combination, but if that is what you are looking for, Mikado Ryotei might be the place for you!

They are not the cheapest place you can get your sushi. However, they are not also the priciest.

Still, their interior and décor might make you feel like you have set foot into one of the most luxurious restaurants. They might as well be with their scrumptious sushi and delicious dishes!


Maru Japanese Restaurant

$$ | (512) 458-6200 | WEBSITE

Maru Japanese Restaurant Best Sushi Places in Austin, TX

Maru is another food place run by husband and wife! While it would be logical to think they might be short on hands, they are not! Well, you might have to do some waiting.

However, the sushi and the food in general in this place are worth the wait. To add, this duo can also offer you some mighty fine customer service. They, potentially, could be two of the friendliest people you will ever meet!


Eurasia Sushi Bar & Seafood

$$ | (512) 382-0968 | WEBSITE

Eurasia Sushi Bar & Seafood Best Sushi Places in Austin, TX

We know we have already shown you many good food places to get some sushi. However, we have another one that could make choosing a place harder. Here, we have Eurasia!

Eurasia has tons of mouth-watering things on its menu. Yes, including tons of sushi options! However, of course, it does not end there. They also have good customer service and a promise of a laid-back space centering on community!



$$ | (512) 458-3700 | WEBSITE


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Are you looking for a place for date night? Maybe you are looking for a restaurant to treat the gang? On the other hand, you might want to be alone, and you are looking for a food place to enjoy some sushi all to yourself.

Well, whatever it is, Ichiban might be the place for you! They do not only have some great sushi, but they also have a mighty fine interior and décor. Additionally, their customer service is also good! Ichiban ticks so many things on the list!



$$ | (512) 891-0989 | WEBSITE


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Hold it! We might have just found a new place to add to your favorites. If you like sushi, you might want to give Yanagi a chance to help you in satisfying your sushi cravings!

Yanagi has tons of scrumptious sushi at great prices and portions. What is not to like about that? In addition to all that, they also have some lovely people and a great place. We believe you will come in hungry and leave happy!


Kura Revolving Sushi Bar

$$ | (737) 209-8799 | WEBSITE


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Last, but undoubtedly not the least – at all – on this list is Kura!

If you like watching mukbangs, you have probably seen one or two videos featuring revolving sushi bars. They look fun. Do you not agree? If you have ever wanted to try eating at a revolving sushi bar, Kura might be able to help you with that!

Of course, they do not only offer you the experience. This place also has some delicious sushi you might seriously want to try out if you are a sushi lover!


Final Words

There you have it, the 18 best sushi places in Austin, TX! As you can see, we have shown you more than enough sushi places for every day of the week!

However, while sushi is one of the tastiest treats out there, consumption should be in moderation. Being careful is the best way to ensure you can eat more!

We hope we were able to help with filling your rotation or satisfying your craving. Now, go and enjoy some sushi!

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