17 Best Sushi Restaurants in San Diego, CA [2022 Updated]

Calling all sushi lovers! It’s time to hunt for the best sushi restaurants in San Diego, CA. San Diego has a fantastic collection of cuisines, including the most delicious sushi. With the number of restaurants in the city, which one is the best?

Here are the 17 best sushi restaurants in San Diego, CA, to satisfy your sushi craving:

Mikami Bar & Revolving Sushi

$$ | (858) 278-2166 | WEBSITE

One can never have a lot of sushi. Mikami Bar & Revolving Sushi takes pride in over 70 selections of different types of sushi. Located in Convoy District, this 6,000-square-foot Kaiten-zushi restaurant is among the largest sushi restaurants in California.

Mikami Bar & Revolving Sushi offers unmatched sushi dishes, rolls, sides, and entrees. This innovative, modern restaurant provides a tablet where guests can input their orders.

You can have ramen, yakisoba, and udon with a few taps away. Mikami Bar & Revolving Sushi also has an excellent selection of local and international wine and beer.


Ikiru Sushi

$$ | (619) 221-1228 | WEBSITE


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Liberty Station’s Ikiru Sushi is a Japanese restaurant open for delivery and takeout.

Ordering is straightforward because you can quickly check out the restaurant’s menu online. If you do not want to place your order online, you can visit Ikiru Sushi at Womble Road.

Ikiru Sushi is open daily. This restaurant is ready to serve you delicious, lip-smackingly tasty sushi in Point Loma at the historic Liberty Station seven days a week.



$$$ | (619) 677-2220 | WEBSITE


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Indulge yourself in Omakase at Soichi Sushi. Soichi is among the best sushi restaurants in San Diego, CA, serving authentic Japanese delicacies.

This restaurant proudly provides diners with superb dishes with a perfect balance of flavors and textures.

Chef Soichi customizes meals for every guest. You’d surely be happy with a unique Omakase dining experience at Soichi Sushi with hospitality, authenticity, and excellent, stellar service.


Hidden Fish Sushi

$$$ | (858) 210-5056 | WEBSITE


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Hidden Fish Sushi lets you have an Omakase dining experience in San Diego. This top-level seafood restaurant showcases creative, impeccable dishes served timely and exquisitely.

All ingredients Hidden Fish uses are from all over the world. Serving ingredients from Japan’s Toyosu Fish Market, you wouldn’t go wrong with Hidden Fish Sushi.

Everybody wants their seafood fresh and tasty. Hidden Fish Sushi only uses prime ingredients selected by the experts. All dishes at Hidden Fish Sushi are of high quality.


Bang Bang

$$ | (619) 677-5650 | WEBSITE


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Are you looking for a place with the best sushi, sake, and music? Here’s Bang Bang, one of the best sushi restaurants in San Diego.

This Asian-fusion restaurant gives the perfect nightlife experience to quests. Bang Bang has excellent options for food and drinks.

Bang Bang gives a traditional, contemporary take on Asian cuisine. What’s even more fantastic about this food spot is its years of experience in hospitality and the event industry.

Those looking to hang out, dance, and dine with friends should consider this fun sushi restaurant along Market Street.


Sushi Diner

$ | (858) 565-1179 | WEBSITE

Sushi Diner Best Sushi Restaurants in San Diego, CA

Sushi Diner 1 is among the best restaurants in San Diego, with a $0.99 Happy Hour. This restaurant’s Happy Hour is available from Monday to Saturday, from 5:00 to 7:00 pm.

If you purchase one of Sushi Diner 1’s beers or sake, you’ll get a plate of yummy snacks!

Edamame, gyoza, french fries, and chicken are among the Happy Hour options at this restaurant. Sushi Diner 1 also has drink combo specials, where you can enjoy a large beer, kirin, and flavored sake. Who agrees that sushi is best paired with a refreshing drink?


The Yasai by Rakiraki

$$$ | (858) 240-1445 | WEBSITE

The Yasai is a conscious restaurant specializing in plant-based delicacies. This vegan restaurant’s Chef Junya Watanabe and Chef Hajime Matsuoka crafted a carefully-planned menu featuring vegan ramen, sushi rolls, and vegan Japanese-inspired dishes.

This restaurant along India Street is perfect for conscious individuals who want to enjoy beautiful, plant-based delicacies from Japan.

The Yasai showcases its special menu which includes mouthwatering sushi rolls, like the Spyder Roll, California Roll, Stressed Out Roll, and the Tempura No Shrimp Roll. Head out to The Yasai By Rakiraki to enjoy these delights and more!


Little Sakana Japanese Sushi Bar

$$ | (858) 860-5000 | WEBSITE


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Little Sakana Japanese Sushi Bar is a lively and friendly sushi restaurant in a fun community. Founded by two locals from Mira Mesa, this restaurant is a fantastic place to hang out with friends and family and enjoy a nice sushi meal.

But take note, it’s not just an ordinary meal. At Little Sakana Japanese Sushi Bar, you can eat all the sushi that you can!

This restaurant is a foodie hot spot. You can eat as much sushi as you want at this sushi bar. Little Sakana Japanese Sushi Bar is also open for catering, whether you’re hosting a significant event or a small, intimate gathering.


Ototo Sushi Co.

$$ | (858) 505-8700 | WEBSITE

Ototo Sushi Co. Best Sushi Restaurants in San Diego, CA

Ototo Sushi Co. is another one of the best sushi restaurants in San Diego, CA, with three different locations around the city. You can have Ototo Sushi at Clairemont, Del Sur, and Liberty Station. Ordering can be made online.

This restaurant presents a modern space that gives diners a warm, cozy ambiance where sushi is perfectly enjoyed. Ototo Sushi Co.’s wooden interior makes the entire place a pleasant, sophisticated, and comfortable dining place.

Besides the astonishing interior, listed on their menu is Ototo’s Pick, which is the 9-pc Nigiri and Sashimi, prepared with the day’s freshest fish.


Saiko Sake and Sushi Bar North Park

$$ | (619) 677-3907 | WEBSITE

Saiko Sake and Sushi Bar North Park Best Sushi Restaurants in San Diego, CA

Saiko Sake and Sushi Bar is committed to serving breathtakingly delicious sushi and Japanese dishes around San Diego.

This restaurant proudly uses ingredients caught by local fishermen. As they say, the waters of Southern California have a variety of delicious fish and shellfish.

Saiko Sake’s North Park branch is open from Mondays to Sundays. You can make a reservation directly on the restaurant’s website.

Saiko Sake and Sushi Bar features New-style Sashimi, like its Wild-caught Local Yellowtail, Half-moon Scallops, and Pepper-seared Tuna. To get the best experience, reserve a seat at Saiko Sake and Sushi Bar now.


The Joint Sushi & Tapas Restaurant

$$ | (619) 222-8272 | WEBSITE


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The Join Sushi & Tapas Restaurant is an award-winning sushi place along Newport Avenue. This restaurant features sushi, tapas, and brunch menu items. Besides that, The Joint also offers a spectacular selection of craft beers, wines, and sake.

This restaurant has a whole catalog of sushi varieties. The Joint showcases its house specialty, the Joint Temaki with deep-fried soft shell crab served with avocado, green onions, shallots, spicy sauce, and beautifully rolled with soy paper.


NOBU San Diego

$$$$ | (619) 814-4124 | WEBSITE


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Inside Hard Rock Hotel, NOBU San Diego is a popular sushi spot in the city. Because of its ideal, touristy location, tourists love visiting this restaurant inside the famous hotel. Locals enjoy dining here too, because of the insanely good food.

This restaurant has Japanese classics, like the Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeño. NOBU’s tiradito with fluke is also a must-try. This restaurant is also located in Chicago and Vegas’ Virgin Hotel and Casino.


Sushi Tadokoro

$$$ | (619) 297-0298 | WEBSITE

Sushi Tadokoro Best Sushi Restaurants in San Diego, CA

Is anyone up for edomae-style sushi? Try Sushi Tadokoro, one of the best sushi restaurants in San Diego, preparing your favorite sushi roll the traditional Japanese way.

This restaurant uses local and seasonal ingredients from across the globe. Sushi Tadokoro can deliver quality dishes to all guests through deliberate preparation and skills.

Located in San Diego Old Town, Sushi Tadokoro only has limited seats. Don’t forget to reserve a seat before they run out! Making reservations is highly recommended as Sushi Tadokoro is usually packed.


Azuki Sushi Lounge

$$$ | (619) 238-4760 | WEBSITE


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Conveniently located in the heart of San Diego, Azuki Sushi Lounge can be found on Banker’s Hill along Fifth Avenue.

This sushi restaurant has brought the exquisite details of Japanese cuisine for more than ten years. This restaurant brings a warm, cozy, and welcoming atmosphere to all diners.

Azuki Sushi Longue is all about passion for Japanese cooking and stellar service. As you dine in this restaurant, you get to try different wines, Japanese delicacies, and sake.

Azuki Sushi is open for lunch or dinner, and reserving your table is recommended.


Harney Sushi

$$ | (619) 295-3272 | WEBSITE


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Harney Sushi does not only specialize in bringing yummy sushi to your table, but this restaurant also features cooked specialties. All meals are made from pure, raw, and sustainable ingredients.

Harney Sushi serves Old Town San Diego, where guests can reserve and book their seats online.

This restaurant is open for dine-in, takeout, curbside pick-ups, and daily delivery from 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Take a glimpse of Harney Sushi’s menu on its website to see what this restaurant offers.

Catering is also available, whether you’re having a corporate lunch, holiday event, birthday party, weddings, and more.


Kura Revolving Sushi Bar

$$ | (858) 715-4605 | WEBSITE

Do you want to dine in a restaurant with a wide selection of delectable and luscious types of sushi?

Try Kura Revolving Sushi Bar, one of the best restaurants in San Diego. We can’t stress how much sushi this restaurant has! With its fantastic sushi menu, you’ll never run out of options.

Kura Revolving Sushi Bar even has new additions to its sushi menu. These new dishes are the Albacore Otoro, Seared Albacore Otoro, and Yellowfin Tuna Toro. You have various choices here, whatever topping you like your sushi to have.

Kura has tuna, beef, salmon, scallop, shrimp, and other items you can enjoy. All types of sushi, like normikai, gunkan, temaki, crispy rice, and carpaccio, are also available.


Full Moon San Diego

$$ | (619) 310-5571 | WEBSITE

If you love sushi, head out to Fifth Avenue and visit Full Moon. This restaurant is open six days each week to serve you delectable, flavorful platters of sushi rolls.

Full Moon is a luxurious, upscale dining spot perfect for those who love Japanese cuisine.

But don’t be intimidated. While luxurious and elegant, this restaurant offers sushi at an affordable price. You can enjoy casual dining with a tapas-style Kitchen bar influenced by Japanese traditions and cooking that fits your budget.



Raise your hand if you’re in awe of the best sushi restaurants in San Diego! We bet you’re raising both your hands and feet right now. All these restaurants agree on one thing: good sushi is for everybody!

These places are the perfect restaurants to dine, chitchat with friends, hang out, and party. There are indeed a lot of different food places to cherish in America’s Finest City!

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