18 Best Sushi Places in Pasadena, CA [2022 Updated]

There are days when you might want to have something different from the usual food you make for yourself in your kitchen.

Perhaps, you are craving sushi and do not have the resources to make one at the moment. Then, you might need to explore a little. Here are 18 Best Sushi Places in Pasadena, CA.

Sushi Roku Pasadena

$$$ | (626) 683-3000 | WEBSITE

Sushi Roku Pasadena offers you an excellent dining experience as you enjoy the goodness of sushi.

By combining the finest, freshest fish from pristine waters around the globe, Sushi Roku Pasadena aims to provide only the best to its customers. They take pride in their artistry executed by a mature sushi chef.

In Sushi Roku, they make sure that you have only the best of traditional sushi and sushi with California innovation.

This restaurant is a growing restaurant that’s always willing to adapt to positive changes. Regulars have rated this place excellent in terms of flavor and customer service.


Mama M Sushi

$$ | (626) 568-1500 | WEBSITE

Mama M Sushi has been put together with the help of their love for cooking and family. They have been sharing this love and passion with their customers as they serve meals that are never short of goodness for no less than a decade.

Mama M Sushi serves your favorite Japanese dishes, including sushi and ramen. In addition, they make sure that their staff and waiters know what they are doing and are attentive and friendly in accommodating their customers.

All in all, regulars and even first-time goers love this place!


Sugarfish by Sushi Nozawa

$$$ | (626) 298-8386 | WEBSITE

Sugarfish is a food-centric restaurant, taking its time to understand and be deeply knowledgeable about the food they serve. They are a full-service restaurant that provides a special omakase-style service.

This service has been inspired by Nozawa’s learning and experience learning about food in different places like Japan and the US.

Their customer service is good, and their service is ample for what you pay for. The ambiance in Sugarfish is also very nice, which is an excellent contributor to a great dining experience.


SuhiStop Pasadena

$ | (626) 405-1518 | WEBSITE

SushiStop Pasadena is a casual and straightforward compact kitchen that aims to cook up good quality and specialty sushi, whether it may be maki or nigiri. They also serve other classic and traditional Japanese dishes.

Their online presence is also good, and their website is up and functioning, so you can scroll over and choose without reaching the restaurant yet.

This can help you save time when dining outside. On the other hand, delivery is also available. In SushiStop Pasadena, you get more than you pay for as they make sure their sushi is delicious and fresh.


Takuya Japanese Restaurant

$ | (626) 578-1877 | WEBSITE

Takuya Japanese Restaurant

Takuya Japanese Restaurant serves a variety of Japanese cuisine, including sushi, udon, rice bowls, and other types of noodles. The place has a patio where you can enjoy dining while enjoying the view and the wind caressing your skin.

Yes, the area always matters when eating, and if you feel like it’s an “eating out on the patio” kind of day, then make it a reality.

In Takuya, you get what you pay for and even more as their serving portions are pretty good, and the taste is also good. This place is one of those places where you have various options, so it isn’t as hard to decide.



$$$ | 626-683-1150 | WEBSITE


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Osawa might be the Japanese restaurant you are looking for. This restaurant has chefs posted on a long bar, so you see them working on some fresh sushi at work.

The place has a wood accent giving it the hint of traditional ambiance while also being classy and comfortable for the customers. With high ratings, this place is a place many customers recommend.

Their service is excellent, and the staff is always helpful and ready to answer any inquiries you might have. In addition, their food is of high quality, so you indeed get what you pay for in Osawa.


Yes Sushi Pasadena

$$ | (626) 564-2787 | WEBSITE

Yes Sushi Pasadena Best Sushi Places in Pasadena, CA

Yes, Sushi Pasadena is a place that makes you say yes to sushi. This restaurant is filled with good stuff to fill your stomach.

Apart from this, you won’t have too much trouble with seating as they try their best to accommodate you in the best way they can so your every visit is remarkable and pleasing.

The customer service is exemplary, and the waiting time is short because they assist and get on with your order as swiftly as possible without risking the dish’s taste.


Sushi Enya Pasadena

$$$ | (626) 365-3512 | WEBSITE

Sushi Enya Pasadena Best Sushi Places in Pasadena, CA

Sushi Enya Pasadena is a warm and timber-clad local chain that aims to serve its customers the best of Japanese cuisine. They have sushi, other Japanese staples, as well as lunch specials.

If you happen to like nigiri, you might want to try their nigiri as it has high ratings. Nevertheless, their food is sure to satisfy your Japanese food craving, whether sushi or not.

Their service is also reviewed great by previous customers whether it was their first time or regulars. All in all, Sushi Enya Pasadena is a fun place to be when you’re craving sushi.


Gin Sushi

$$ | (626) 440-9611 | WEBSITE

Gin Sushi Best Sushi Places in Pasadena, CA

Gin Sushi is a brick-walled Japanese restaurant that takes pride in its creative sushi rolls. Food is not just all and solely about taste; how they look is also part of the overall equation.

How food looks impacts its taste and a person’s perspective about it. Gin Sushi wants to emphasize making sure that every roll is made creatively and, thus, visually pleasing.

Apart from having good looks, they also make sure that their food is tasty. You have an assurance that the food here is fresh and delicious.


Kabuki Japanese Restaurant

$$ | (626) 345-5733 | WEBSITE

Kabuki Japanese Restaurant is a chill place that offers a clubby vibe and good quality sushi, entrees, lunch specials, and happy hours.

Kabuki Japanese Restaurant makes sure that its waiters and staff know what they are doing and are helpful to those that need assistance.

They have an online working website that might be super helpful for people who want to spend their meals at home. They can also visit the site whenever they want to save time.


Go Go Sushi

$ | (626) 585-9990 | WEBSITE

Go Go Sushi Best Sushi Places in Pasadena, CA

Go Go Sushi provides its customers with the best service and tasty dishes. They make sure that the food served at each table and home is fresh and made with expertise. Go Go Sushi has a variety of dishes on its menu for you to choose from.

The chefs in the place are always on point in cooking their dishes. The service is also rated excellent at Go Go Sushi.

Once you visit, it’s hard not to order anything from their broad menu and good atmosphere. There’s always something for each one in Go Go Sushi.


Kaviar Sushi Bar

$$ | (626) 605-0330 | WEBSITE


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Kaviar Sushi Bar is an upscale Japanese restaurant that serves high-quality sushi and fusion masterpiece. The interior is classy, with dark and modern decor that makes you feel welcomed and elegant.

They serve delicious dishes, but they also serve them beautifully, in excellent plating presentations elevating your dining experience. Kaviar Sushi Bar makes sure that what you pay for is worth it by delivering only the best on every table.

The service in Kaviar is also excellent making it an ideal place to celebrate special days. Overall, Kaviar Sushi Bar is one of the places you might like to visit.



$$ | (626) 351-0560 | WEBSITE

Ichima Best Sushi Places in Pasadena, CA

Ichima is a restaurant dedicated to serving good food and providing excellent service for its customers. The food served here is delicious, but you can also make sure that the ingredients are fresh.

If you are in a hurry, this restaurant is also a good place to be as the service is quick, and they make sure they serve your food on time.

Whether you want to have a meal on your own, with someone special, or with a larger group like your family, this place is always open and will provide you with your needs.


Noda Restaurant

$$ | (626) 793-2600 | WEBSITE

Noda Restaurant Best Sushi Places in Pasadena, CA

Noda Restaurant is a simple place to serve good food to its customers. The area is relatively smaller compared to other sushi places, but they provide several tables that can accommodate you.

Their staff and waiters are also attentive and helpful. They make sure that you are entertained whenever you have questions or requests.

Noda also serves other dishes apart from sushi, and these dishes are also good, so you have plenty of choices available for you.


Tokyo Wako Pasadena

$$ | (626) 440-0670 | WEBSITE


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Tokyo Wako Pasadena is a local Japanese chain serving good food for 22 years. This restaurant features many mouthwatering dishes like sushi and steaks.

Their steaks are grilled in a sleek and contemporary space, adding to the neatness and the restaurant’s classiness. Their sushi and steaks are good, and the chefs are undoubtedly impressive and entertaining.

So, if you happen to be craving both sushi and steak, then why not visit this place to satisfy both cravings in one seating or meal.


Oba Sushi Izakaya

$$ | (626) 799-8543 | WEBSITE

Oba Sushi Izakaya is a modern Japanese eatery that aims to provide customers with an excellent dining experience. This place is a cozy place with a sushi bar from which you can choose a variety of delicious maki or nigiri.

They also have an extensive tapas menu that you might want to try out. Their tapas menu also includes vegetarian options, which is an excellent option for those who carefully watch what they eat and those that follow a strict diet.

Oba Sushi Izakaya has confidence in its menu, you can order anything from it, and you won’t be disappointed.


Oji Sushi & Sake Bar

$$ | (626) 585-1313 | WEBSITE

Oji Sushi & Sake Bar Best Sushi Places in Pasadena, CA

Oji Sushi & Sake Bar makes sure that they provide only the freshest ingredients to serve new and delicious dishes from their menu. The staff and everyone in the restaurant are nothing short of helpful.

All of them are factors that make the dining experience excellent. If you are meticulous, especially when it comes to the freshness of seafood in your meal, Oji Sushi & Sake Bar will not disappoint and is sure to meet your standards.

All in all, this place got good food, good presentation, and a friendly environment; it seems that you’re just eating at home.


Aikan Sushi & Ramen

$$ | (626) 578-1123 | WEBSITE

Aikan Sushi & Ramen Best Sushi Places in Pasadena, CA

Aikan Sushi & Ramen is a local restaurant offering traditional dishes which include your all-time favorite ramen and sushi rolls at affordable prices.

This restaurant also offers a premium eat-all-you-can buffet which may be something of your liking.

Whenever you feel like going to an eat-all-you-can sushi place, Aikan Sushi & Ramen might be the perfect place for you to satisfy this craving. They have various options to choose from, so there’s always something for someone.



Now, whenever you feel like eating sushi and other Japanese cuisines, you have these 18 Best Sushi Places in Pasadena, CA, to choose from.

Perhaps you have a restaurant nearby that you want to try, or maybe you have somewhere already in mind; despite the light travel, it’s always a good thing to explore and test good food.

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