22 Best Sushi Burger Recipes

sushi burger recipes

Sushi burgers combine two of the most famous foods in the whole world. With the introduction of these twenty-three sushi burger recipes, you will have the new food craze in no time. With many recipes to choose from, there is something for everybody, whether you’re a novice or a pro in the kitchen.

What is Sushi Burger?

Before we delve into the recipes, let’s check out the basics of a sushi burger (also known as a rice burger). You can have the great thing about both cuisines with ingenuity from recipe makers. A sushi burger has three essential parts: buns, fillings, and sauce.

There is no flour with the ‘buns,’ as we will not use bread. Instead, the traditional sushi rice is shaped into a disc to act as the bun for the sushi burger. Like conventional sushi rice, it’s littered chiefly with condiments such as vinegar, sugar, and sesame seeds.

When it comes to fillings, there is much variation. Of course, you have traditional sushi ingredients such as raw salmon and poached shrimp. However, there are more modern variations, such as keto and vegan options.

Just like with burgers, the sauce is also essential with sushi burgers. Sauces in sushi burger recipes can range from traditional eel sauce and kewpie mayo to new variations such as spicy mayo and cheese.

Now that we know the essentials of the sushi burger, let’s get into the recipes you can try out.

1. Sushi burger

Sushi burger

If you are new to the kitchen, you might want to try this recipe from Kitchen Stories. Using cooked salmon and raw fresh vegetables, even a novice cook can make this sushi burger without breaking a sweat.

It brings out the new and unique flavors of cilantro, cabbages, and cucumbers. True to traditional sushi, the recipe sticks to the flavors of the Japanese dish.


2. Sushi Burger

A Philadelphia maki roll in a new form, this sushi burger by How Tasty is an excellent starter for novice cooks that want to delve into cooking. The dish contains salmon, cheese, and avocado. It makes a perfect mix of freshness and creaminess with every bite.

If you love Philadelphia rolls, you will surely love this sushi burger. It’s relatively easy to make as it requires no cooking except for the sushi rice.


3. Chicken Katsu Sushi Burger

Chicken Katsu Sushi Burger

What is better than one Japanese dish? Two Japanese dishes! This sushi burger recipe combines chicken katsu and sushi in a burger form.

The juicy and tender chicken cutlets are wrapped with panko breadcrumbs to give off a crunchy bite. Partnered with soft and spiced-up sushi rice, you are in for a delicious snack filled with Japanese flavors.


4. Vegan Rice Burger with Teriyaki Mushrooms

This vegan rice burger with a teriyaki mushroom patty will have you wishing for more. It’s an incredible alternative if you are on a vegan diet.

The sushi burger has a kick and tanginess with creamy avocado and sriracha mayo sauce. It’s a perfect partner for other Japanese dishes such as miso soup and as a sole snack.


5. Sushi Burger Recipe

Sushi Burger Recipe

A sushi burger twist to the traditional tuna rolls. This sushi burger recipe by Woolworths serves the exquisite flavor of tuna and the freshness of avocado and cucumber slices. If you love tuna nigiri or makizushi, you will surely love this sushi burger.

It’s a relatively easy recipe that is perfect for beginners. With a quick preparation time, it’s a perfect last-minute snack.


6. Sushi Burger


7. Sushi Burger by Akis Petretzikis

Sushi Burger by Akis Petretzikis

This sushi burger by Akis Petretzikis is ripe with many sushi ingredients such as raw salmon, pickled onion, and guacamole. The recipe is akin to many salmon nigiri rolls present in many Japanese restaurants. It’s a sushi burger that keeps the authentic sushi flavor intact.

Made with raw ingredients, the sushi is very easy to make. It’s perfect for nigiri lovers and novice cooks.


8. Sushi Burger with Crunchy Buns

This sushi burger is ripe with crunchy goodness and made by the famous sushi chef Hiroyuki Terada. The sushi burger is a variety of spicy tuna rolls filled with fresh slices of tuna and sriracha mayo sauce.

It’s an excellent way to spice up your spicy tuna sushi rolls. With the easy guide from a professional sushi chef, you will have a sushi roll with a few easy steps.


9. Teriyaki Steak Sushi Burger

Teriyaki Steak Sushi Burger

The sweet and caramelized teriyaki steak is paired with the seasoned sushi rice in this incredible sushi burger recipe. By combining two popular Japanese dishes, the flavors create a superb blend of tangy sweetness and freshness.

You will like this recipe if you love sushi burgers and teriyaki. It’s a perfect meal on the go, filled with protein and carbs to give you energy throughout the day.


10. Easy Sushi Burger

This sushi burger is very reminiscent of the traditional onigiri and sushi mix. With the pan-fried salmon, cucumbers, and nori sheet, you will surely taste the Japanese flavors with every bite of the dish.

As with the title, the sushi burger is straightforward to make. You would not need fancy ingredients or a long prep time to conjure up one.


11. Japanese-Style Fried Chicken Sushi Burger Recipe

Japanese-Style Fried Chicken Sushi Burger Recipe

This sushi or rice burger by Tasty leans more on Western flavors than traditional Asian sushi. It mixes the idea of chicken burgers with a rice bun. Most Japanese influences come out with the burger’s marinating and sauces.

The recipe is an excellent way to spice up your meal. It’s easy and quick to prepare as a last-minute lunch or dinner meal.


12. Sushi Burger by Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana

A great snack sushi burger, this recipe serves the dish with a side of fries just like with the traditional ones. The sushi burger contains fresh vegetable ingredients and a few slices of smoky salmon cuts.

The sushi is quick and manageable to make, while the ingredients are relatively easy to find. The burger also has wasabi mayo hints for that extra spiciness kick.


13. Vegan Sushi Burger Recipe

Vegan Sushi Burger Recipe

A vegan sushi burger is perfect for vegetarians. If you love the teriyaki flavors and sushi burgers, you can have them wrapped in this fresh and flavorful vegan burger. Instead of using chicken or beef with the teriyaki patty, the recipe uses tofu as the base.

Many vegan recipes require higher preparation time. However, this meal requires easier and faster cooking methods to get your food in no time.


14. Sushi Burger by Public Lives, Secret Recipes

Sushi Burger by Public Lives, Secret Recipes

If you are new to making sushi burgers, having an easy-to-follow recipe and process is an excellent way to start. With this comprehensive sushi burger recipe, you will have an easier time doing your sushi burger.

Minus the rice, the recipe does not require cooking or marinating, making it more of a nigiri. In this sushi burger, you can fill it with any sashimi variety, such as tuna and salmon.


15. Sushi Burger (Vegan + Gluten-Free)

Sushi Burger (Vegan + Gluten-Free)

This recipe is a vegan and gluten-free sushi burger filled with fresh vegetables such as shiitake mushrooms and cabbage. This recipe is an excellent choice if you are a vegetarian and want to enjoy some sushi flavors.

With a bit of vegan mayo and sriracha on the side, the sauce provides a bit of flavor and heat against the raw veggies. This recipe is perfect as a meal or appetizer if made in smaller servings.


16. Rice Bun Burgers

Rice Bun Burgers

This rice bun burger recipe leans more toward the burger part. The sushi burger used seasoned rice and marinated beef patty, and cucumbers. Its fillings are comparable to burgers rather than sushi.

However, it still uses traditional seasoning such as rice vinegar with sushi rice if you want some rice bun while maintaining the original flavors of the burger.


17. Shrimp Katsu Rice Burger Recipe

Shrimp Katsu Rice Burger Recipe

Within this recipe, you will mix katsu and the rice burger for the perfect blend of two different Japanese dishes. Instead of using a chicken or pork base for the katsu, the recipe uses shrimp to stick to the seafood theme of sushi.

The sushi burger is paired with tartar sauce. It’s a highly creamy and filling snack that you will surely love if you are a big fan of shrimp.


18. Chicken Katsu Rice Burger

Chicken Katsu Rice Burger

Inspired by multiple Japanese dishes, this recipe by Curious Nut will have your taste buds singing with every bite. It contains a crispy and juicy chicken katsu as a filling and is topped with curry sauce and fresh raw lettuce.

The sushi rice is also well seasoned for the sweet and tangy goodness. The rice burger is an excellent filling meal as it’s just a reconstructed curry katsu which is pretty popular in Japan.


19. Sushi Burger with Yakiniku

Sushi Burger with Yakiniku

This recipe will have you taste the famous Yakiniku Sushi Burger by MOS Burger without leaving for Japan. You can make this easy recipe at home with accessible ingredients. It can serve as a snack or as a go meal.

If you love the smokey and tangy flavor of yakiniku, you will love this sushi burger. It’s an excellent meal to serve that looks and tastes like it came from a restaurant.


20. Smoked Salmon and Cheese Sushi Burger from Geneviève Everell

Smoked Salmon and Cheese Sushi Burger from Geneviève Everell

The combination of smoked salmon and goat cheese is the crux of this sushi burger recipe. This sushi burger’s crispy and delicious rice buns are coated with panko breadcrumbs. You will certainly be fond of this recipe if you love a cheesy and smokey sushi burger.

It’s easy to make and results in gorgeous and delicious rice burgers. It’s a perfect entrée or snack to serve.


21. Pink Sushi Burger Recipe

Pink Sushi Burger Recipe

Remember those colorful burgers from SpongeBob? Well, you have that with this recipe in a sushi burger form. With a teaspoon of haskapa powder, the rice burger has a slight tint of pink for a more aesthetic presentation.

With salmon, cream cheese, and veggie fillings, this recipe by Sonal Parmar has a hint of inspiration from Philadelphia maki rolls. You will surely love these gorgeous pink rice burgers if you love those.


22. Veg Sushi Burger Recipe

Veg Sushi Burger Recipe

If you want a strictly vegetarian recipe, here is the sushi burger. With its delicious mix of fresh and cooked vegetables, this sushi burger offers an incredible selection of flavors.

The recipe is a perfect mix of ingredients that will give you a flavorful burst in every bite. With a blend of garam masala and dhania jeera, the sushi burger has a twist on Indian flavors.

Sushi Burger Recipe

22 Best Sushi Burger Recipes

As you can see with these twenty-three sushi burger recipes, there is something for everyone. Whether new to the kitchen or seasoned, you can find a recipe here to pose a challenge for you. Selections such as vegan and gluten-free are also accommodated so you can enjoy the deliciousness of the sushi burger without breaking your diet.


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