22 Best Sushi Bake Recipes

sushi bake recipes

You love sushi. And you love baking. So, baking sushi doesn’t have to be a difficult task.

Whether you’re eating at home or entertaining guests, sushi bake recipes are great for so many occasions. If you’re looking for ways to enjoy sushi beyond the usual roll-up sushi, here are 26 recipes to try.

1. Sushi Bake With Kani Salad

sushi bake

Sushi lovers are always looking for ways to make their sushi eating experience fresh and delightful, and this recipe is no different. A creamy casserole of warm goodness, this recipe is made from seasoned sushi rice.

You then top the rice with a Kani salad made from imitation crab, mango, cucumber, cheese, and nori sheets. Once baked, you garnish with an egg omelet, cucumbers, diced mangoes, mayonnaise, and sriracha sauce.


2. Easy Sushi Bake

This is the simplest recipe to make, as the title implies. And it uses imitation crab with no other fish added, so if you’re not so fond of the heavy taste of fish, give this recipe a try.

Mix the imitation crab with mayonnaise and green onion. Layer the rice in a baking tin, then spread the crab mix. Garnish with sriracha, mayo, and green onion. Bake as directed, then serve with nori sheets.


3. Sushi Bake Recipe

sushi bake recipe

This sushi bake recipe offers a double cheesy flavor made from sour cream and cream cheese. To make it, you spread the cooked sushi rice in a baking dish and top with some furikake.

You then spread a layer of mixed cream, Kani (imitation crab), mayonnaise, and some diced cucumber. Once baked according to instructions, top the dish off with masago (fish roe), mayonnaise, sriracha sauce, and slices of avocado.


4. California Twist Sushi Bake

This recipe is different in that the extra fish is cooked to capture the flavor of the soy sauce used in the marinade. Whip up a fish marinate by combining sesame oil and soya sauce.

Marinate the fish (salmon or trout) fillets and cook well. In a bowl, mix the cooked fish, crab, cheese, furikake, mayonnaise, and sriracha, which you layer on the cooked sushi rice on a baking tray. Once baked, serve on the nori and enjoy.


5. Salmon Crab Stick Sushi Bake

baked sushi

Sweet, chili, and fishy; a beautiful recipe for the adventurous palettes.

This recipe is made using farm-raised salmon, crab sticks, mentaiko (pollock roe), green onion, spicy mayo sauce (made from sweet chili sauce, mayonnaise, and sriracha), which is gorgeously layered on cooked rice.

Bake according to the method provided, then serve with sliced jalapenos, more spicy mayo (if desired), and some roasted seaweed.


6. Vegan Sushi Bake

If you’re concerned about your carbon footprint and the impact fish or meat has on your body, this recipe is for you.

To make the vegan bake, you need jackfruit (fish substitute), furikake, cooked sushi rice, toasted sesame seeds, red pepper, cucumber, vegan cream cheese, mayonnaise, crushed nori sheets, and some sriracha.

Bake in a tin according to the instructions provided, then garnish with avocado, scallions, and sesame seeds.


7. Trio Sushi Bake

baked sushi recipe

This recipe is super exciting because it is a single dish where all the fish used is flavored separately. It’s made from spicy tuna with avocado, Kani crab with tobiko, and volcano prawns with sesame.

The fish is seasoned in different bowls, layered on a baking tin filled with rice, then baked for ten minutes each (except for the tuna because it comes in a can). Garnish the dish as instructed then serve.


8. Tofu Sushi Bake

A recipe to add an extra chewiness to your sushi eating experience. This recipe is made using organic tofu marinated in a mix of soy sauce, garlic powder, and onion powder.

Fry the tofu in a saucepan or air fryer. Once it’s golden brown on both sides, allow it to cool. In a bowl, mix the fried, sliced tofu with sliced crabsticks, mayo, furikake, and sriracha. Layer according to the instructions, bake and enjoy.


9. Surf and Turf Keto Sushi Bake

sushi bake recipes

For the health-conscious and for those who love their sushi with a bit of a twist, this recipe is for you. This recipe is made from grated cauliflower (sushi rice substitute), sliced beef, cream cheese, mozzarella, and cheddar cheese.

Bake according to the recipe’s instructions, garnish with sesame seeds and seaweed, then serve.


10. Sushi Bake Recipe (With Shrimp And Scallops)

Three fish sushi bakes are always a fun way to make the most of your sushi, almost like three or four meat pizzas, but with the abundance that the sea has to offer.

To make, layer cooked Japanese rice (seasoned with rice wine), and furikake. Layer some shredded crabstick, diced mango, diced avocado, cucumber, cream cheese, scallops, and shrimp. Lastly, sprinkle with tobiko and nori sheets, then bake.


11. Keto Baked Sushi | Low Carb Baked Sushi Using Skinny Rice

sushi casserole

Instead of the usual cauliflower rice used in keto dishes, this recipe makes use of Skinny rice. To make, layer the cooked and seasoned Skinny rice in a baking tin, then sprinkle some furikake on the rice.

Mix tuna flakes, Kani crabsticks, cream cheese, kewpie mayo, and sriracha. Spread the combined tuna on the rice, and add some ebiko and furikake. Bake as instructed, then serve with nori sheets.


12. Sushi Bake (With Crab and Lobster Meat)

Shellfish is a delight to have every now and then, and this recipe makes use of crab and lobster. In a bowl, mix some crab and lobster meat, kewpie mayonnaise, and cream cheese.

In a baking pan layered with the cooked rice and furikake, spread the crab mix evenly on top. End with a topping of furikake, sriracha, and mayonnaise. Bake and serve with nori sheets.


13. Sushi Bake Hawaii

bake sushi

Don’t you love it when a sushi recipe uses vegetables other than cucumber, carrots, and avocado?

To make this recipe, you will need shiitake mushrooms, cooked short-grain rice, shredded imitation crab meat, kamaboko (Japanese fish cake), fish roe, mayonnaise, Korean seaweed, and some sour cream.

In a bowl, mix the drained mushrooms, crab meat, mayonnaise, sour cream, fish roe, and fish cake. Layer according to instructions, then bake.


14. Cheesy Spam Sushi Bake in Turbo

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly way of making sushi, this is your go-to recipe. This video shows you how to make your own sushi rice using normal and glutinous rice.

Layer the rice in a baking tin. In a bowl, mix spam (canned cooked pork), crab sticks, and mayonnaise. Layer the mix on top of the rice, then top with grated cheese, mayonnaise, and nori sheets. Bake and enjoy.


15. Vegan Spinach and Mushroom Sushi Bake

baked sushi rolls

Vegans are always looking for ways to get more protein when consuming their favorite dishes, and this vegan spinach bake is one of the ways to get a good dose of protein in your diet.

This sushi bake is made from spinach, fresh button mushrooms, vegan cream cheese, vegan furikake, cooked sushi rice, truffle oil, sesame oil, and sesame seeds. Prepare and bake according to instructions, then serve with seaweed.


16. Layered Baked Sushi

If you love lasagne types of bakes, then you’ll love this layered baked sushi. The recipe is made from flavorsome crabmeat topping mixed with mayonnaise, Japanese soy sauce, sesame oil, cayenne pepper, and paprika.

The second topping is made from corn kernels, mayonnaise, cream cheese, and soy sauce. Layer the two toppings on cooked Japanese rice, then garnish with cucumber, tobiko, grated carrots, sliced peaches, then serve with nori sheets.


17. Cheesy Chicken Teriyaki Sushi Bake

bake sushi recipe

A beautiful way to pair chicken and cheese sushi-style. This recipe is made from sliced and marinated chicken breasts (marinated in spring onion and teriyaki sauce), sauteed with some dried shiitake mushrooms and scrambled eggs.

To make, you layer cooked rice, scrambled eggs, chicken mix, furikake, and spring onion. Bake according to instructions, then serve on nori sheets.


18. My Sushi Bake (With Squid)

In this recipe, Casa Daza, puts together a sushi bake from all the bakes he has tried before, and subtly shares techniques for making sushi, such as adding sushi vinegar to the rice when it has completely cooled.

To make it, you need tobiko, cooked rice, cooked squid, red onion, crab meat, chopped hard-boiled eggs, nori flakes, Japanese mayo, wasabi, chopped shrimp, and sriracha.

Assemble according to the instructions in the video, garnish with fried chicken teriyaki and serve.


19. Korean Army Stew Sushi Bake

sushi baked

An ideal recipe suited for those looking for a sushi bake without the addition of fish. In a bowl, season and mix toasted sliced bacon, sliced hotdog, kimchi, and Gochujang paste (Korean chili paste).

Layer the seasoned cooked sushi rice and spread the bacon mix. Bake according to instructions, then garnish and serve with sliced scallions and seaweed.


20. Sushi Bake Without Oven

If you don’t own an oven, there’s no reason to miss out on the goodness of a sushi bake. To make this no-oven sushi, combine chopped ham, sliced fried eggs, sliced cucumber, cream cheese, and mayo.

Layer the cooked rice in a tin, sprinkle with nori, and sesame seeds. Then spread the ham mix and garnish with grated cheese, ketchup, and mayonnaise. Steam, as instructed, then serve.


21. Lion King Sushi Roll


Lion king sushi roll is a baked California roll. It’s a way of taking your love of sushi rolls to another level, with all your favorite fillings baked to enhance the flavors.

To make this recipe, you’ll need salmon, mayo, unagi sauce, fish roe, chopped scallions, nori sheets, avocado, baby cucumber, Kani, and cooked rice.

Layer the ingredients as instructed in the blog. Shape and cut into equal slices. Bake as directed, then garnish with pickled ginger.


22. Garbanzo Beans Vegan Sushi Bake

sushi baked recipe

Garbanzo beans are also a good source of protein, so if you want to ditch the spinach sushi bake, here is another great alternative.

To make it, you’ll need canned garbanzo beans, nutritional yeast, mustard, vegan mayonnaise, mangoes, cucumber, red onion, capers, shredded nori (and nori sheets for serving), cooked Japanese rice, soy sauce, and lemon juice.

Assemble and bake according to the instructions, then serve.



Making sushi is fun, especially when you know that you have plenty of ways to whip up your favorite dish.

With the option of adding meat, chicken, tofu, and vegetables like mushrooms and corn, you will never get bored of making sushi bake recipes that please you and your loved ones.

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