23 Best Spider Roll Sushi Recipes to Give a Try

Do you want to make and eat some sushi? Well, maybe we can interest you with some spider rolls then!

spider roll sushi

Today, we have 23 spider roll sushi recipes that you can try out. Whether you want your spider roll simple or out of the ordinary, we believe there is something for you on this list.

We have tons of recipes to go through today, so let us not delay this anymore. Let us go!

1. Easy Spider Rollspider roll

This first spider roll sushi recipe is by Food Network.

This recipe is pretty easy to follow, but you can expect it to hit the spot!

If it is your first time making some spider rolls, you will not have to worry about this recipe. It is detailed to the dot in that it helps you with the batter, the sushi, and the spicy mayo!


2. Spider Roll – Diaries of a Master Sushi Chef

If you want to make some spider rolls like how the pros do it, you might want to check this recipe by Hiroyuki Terada. You do not have to worry, though! This one might be by a pro, but it is still easy to follow.

With this one, you can now have some fancy spider roll sushi at home!


3. Spider Roll : Easy [Step by Step]

spider roll sushi

Many spider roll recipes include and list avocados as an ingredient, and while this fruit is beloved by many, tons are not. If you are one of those people, you might want to try this recipe by Recipe Arcade then!

This recipe, of course, has the star of the show – soft-shelled crabs. As a tradeoff for avocados, it has ingredients like masago and kaiware.


4. Spider roll (Soft shell crab lover’s sushi roll)

Many types of sushi use mangoes as an ingredient, and with that, you might also want to add it to your spider roll.

If you like the sweet taste this fruit can offer your sushi, you might want to look at this spider roll recipe by Umami Dream then. It is one of the few spider roll recipes that lists this fruit as an ingredient.



spider rolls sushi

Here, we have a spider roll from IzzyCooking.

Do you want some carrots in the mix? As you might have noticed by now, not a lot of the previous spider rolls we have shown you use carrots in the recipe. If you are an avid fan of this veggie, you do not have to worry. We have a spider roll sushi recipe that uses this orange wonder.


6. How to Make a Spider Roll

Here, we have this recipe from Matt Kwong’s channel. As he said, this is not the most authentic way to go and make spider rolls, but hey, it still looks delicious!

You want to go with this recipe if you are on the lookout for that familiar spider roll taste but still want something different. It still has the usual ingredients, but with some twist!



spider roll sushi ingredients

Over here, we have a vegetarian option you can try. This spider roll is not only for vegetarians, though! Whether you are a vegetarian or not, this recipe is one to consider. That is especially true if you are into mushrooms and like them in your food!

This spider roll might be a vegetarian dish, but you will likely only have little trouble looking for its ingredients.


8. Soft Shell Crab Sushi: Spider Roll

Here is another spider roll sushi recipe you might want to try out.

If you like your sushi inside out with the nori inside and the rice outside, this one might be the right one for you. It has the common ingredients used for spider rolls, only with the uramaki sushi twist. Serve this sushi with some garnishing, and you have one fancy spider roll!



spider tempura roll

With this spider roll sushi recipe by Elevated Wild, you do not have to go to a fancy sushi bar to get some fancy spider roll anymore. You can make them at home!

You do not have to worry, though. Even with how fancy this roll might look, it is easy to follow. To add, you will not have much trouble gathering its ingredients!


10. How to make a Spider Roll

If you are a big sushi fan, you will likely have some extra crabstick at home. It’s a common sushi ingredient, after all. If that is the case, maybe you want to use some of it in your spider roll sushi!

This spider roll sushi might interest you, as it has some extra crabstick in the mix! As you can imagine, this sushi is flavorful and quite filling.


11. Kimchi Soft Crab Spider Roll

spider roll ingredients

Do you like your Korean dishes like you like your Japanese cuisine? Well, you might want to try this spider sushi roll then! It is a fusion of both!

This spider roll recipe lists kimchi as an ingredient. So, imagine the sour taste of kimchi mixed with the fried goodness of the soft-shelled crab. Now, that is one delicious combo. Do you not agree?


12. How To Make BEAUTIFUL And DELICIOUS Spider Roll

Do you like your sushi packed with all sorts of delicious things? Well, you might want to look at this spider roll recipe then! This sushi has the common spider roll ingredients like avocado and cucumber.

However, the fun does not stop there! It also has kaiware, asparagus, oba leaves, and many more! As you can imagine, this sushi is packed with flavor!


13. Just a Pinch

Just a Pinch

Still not feeling the spider roll sushi recipes we have shown you? Well, there is no need to fret. We have many more spider rolls for you to check out. For one, you might want to give this spider roll sushi recipe from Just a Pinch a try!

This recipe uses some butter, so you can expect it to have that delicious buttery taste!


14. Spider sushi roll

Earlier, we showed you a spider roll sushi that is jampacked with flavor. However, you might be looking for something simpler. Maybe you want to get a good taste of the soft-shelled crab with every bite.

Well, you might be happy to know that we also have a spider roll sushi recipe for that! If you want the soft-shell crab highlighted, this recipe is for you.


15. Soft Shell Crab Roll Or Spider Roll

what is a spider roll sushi

Over here, we have another spider roll sushi that might catch your interest. If you like your masago, you might want to check this one out.

This recipe is pretty straightforward, and you will likely have no problem following it. If you want something fast and easy, give this one a try. The ingredients are easy to find, and there are only six steps here!


16. Spider sushi roll

If you want some extra crunch in your spider roll sushi, you might want to check this recipe out. You can even put some tobiko or ikura on top for that extra crunch and pop.

However, this roll does not only have its crunch to boast. If you are looking for a fancy or pretty-looking sushi, this one is a recipe to consider.


17. Itsy Bitsy Spider Roll

spider sushi roll

We are almost at the end, but we still have plenty of delicious spider roll sushi recipes. For one, we have this recipe that you can find at On the Gas.

This spider sushi roll is done how we like our rolls. Fast and easy! Like most sushi rolls, it can yield around eight servings, which makes it a great recipe to store for quick bites.


18. Soft Shell Crab Roll (Spider Roll)

We have another fun spider roll sushi over here that you might want to try out. If you are looking for something familiar but with some twist, this one might be for you.

Unlike the others, this one used a daikon sheet as a finishing touch. It does not only make your spider roll look different, but it also adds a difference in taste.



crab tempura roll

This next recipe that you can find over at Secrets of Sushi is similar to one of the ones above. You can find the soft-shelled crab on the list of ingredients. It also uses some masago, kaiware, and cucumber in there. Also, it does not have avocado too.

You might be wondering what makes it different from the previous ones, though. Well, it uses eel sauce!


20. How to Make a Spider Sushi Roll Recipe with Tempura Soft Shell Crab

Do you want something that will highlight the taste of the soft-shell crab? You might want to check out this spider roll sushi recipe by MySushiDaddy then.

It uses a good amount of soft-shell crabs and just enough veggies so that the taste of the crab wouldn’t be too overpowering. It’s a great option if you’re not a big fan of veggies but still want some of them.



soft shell crab roll

Have you ever tried sushi that does not use any rice? You might think that question absurd. You might say that sushi always uses rice. Do they, though?

You might be surprised by this spider roll sushi recipe by Avocado Pesto then! It is rice-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free! However, it does not mean this sushi lacks in flavor. It is still a tasty treat!


22. Spider sushi roll

Here, we have another unique spider roll recipe you might want to try.

Here is another flavor-filled spider roll sushi recipe. If none of the above has tickled your fancy yet, you might want to give this one a shot. It is similar to a dragon roll sushi, but, of course, since it is still a spider roll, the main star is still the soft-shell crab.


23. How to make a SPIDER sushi roll

So far, we have shown you tons of exciting spider roll sushi recipes. However, you might be looking for something simple.

In that case, you might want to look at this spider roll recipe by Cooking with Chef Dai. It is easy to make, but it still looks pretty delicious. Additionally, you will likely not have a hard time looking for its ingredients.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Making Some Spider Roll Sushi

Before you go, here are some things you might want to consider before making some spider rolls.

Tempura Batter

Some of these recipes do not have instructions on how you should make your tempura batter.  On the other hand, feel free to use your preferred recipe or way to make tempura.

Remember, the soft-shell crab is the star of this show. As you might already know, how you make the batter will likely affect the overall taste of the spider roll.

Cutting the Crab

One thing you might not have noticed in the recipes we have shown you is that they cut up the crab differently. Usually, they cut the crab vertically in the middle.

However, if you have a hard time rolling the sushi that way, feel free to cut the crab horizontally. On the other hand, you can chop it further if you still struggle to fit it in the roll.

You might only want to keep in mind to keep the crab legs in there as it is what gives the spider roll its “spider legs”.

24 Best Spider Roll Sushi Recipes to Give a Try

And there you have it! 24 spider roll sushi recipes that you can try out over the weekend.
As you have seen today, there are tons of spider roll sushi recipes. In other words, there is so much from which you can take your pick. Whether you are looking for something simple or something a little grander, there is a spider roll for you!
We hope we were able to help you with this craving. If you ever find yourself again with another sushi craving you want to satisfy, feel free to drop by again! So, we will see you around then?


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