How Much Rice Is in A Sushi Roll?

Balance is vital when crafting your delicious homemade sushi. There must be a good amount of both fish and rice.

Anything you do wrong could mess with the taste and texture of your sushi roll. So, knowing how much rice is in a sushi roll is crucial.

How Much Rice to Use When Making a Sushi Roll

how much rice in a sushi roll

When it comes to cooking sushi rice, a common guideline is to use approximately half a cup per person, equivalent to about 90 grams of uncooked rice. However, some people like to use a fraction of that. They reduce it to about 1/3 cup or 60 grams per individual.

Keep in mind that you’re measuring uncooked rice. When rice is cooked, it will be around a cup per individual. Rice doubles when cooked.

After boiling, a cup of uncooked rice yields about two cups. Most chefs and nutritionists believe that a cup of cooked rice is needed per serving. This is especially true if rice is the meal’s only source of carbs.

Most competent sushi chefs suggest using 80-90 grams of sushi rice for every roll. If you can’t access a weight scale, that amount equals slightly more than 1/3 cup for every roll.

You may add or reduce rice to each roll based on your preferences. However, using 80 grams for every roll will give you a well-balanced and delectable sushi roll.

It’s essential to use the right amount of rice. You’ll have a feel for the amount of rice you need after some experience.

Imagine you’re going to spread cooked rice per nori sheet. Leaving a little space at the top edge to seal the roll is crucial. So, a cup of rice is enough.

What if you enjoy rice? Perhaps you dislike rice and are trying to avoid carbs. What should you do in these cases?

You can certainly add more or use less rice for your sushi roll in the above situations. You can use 60-65 grams of rice for each roll to make a thinner roll. You may use 95-100 grams of rice if you want a thicker roll.

Sushi hand rolls have become one of the most popular sushi fads. These huge crepe-like rolls are cone-shaped and portable. You can consume them while on the go.

Hand rolls (temaki) tend to be larger and more individually portioned compared to regular sushi rolls (maki). Therefore, add 100 grams of rice to each roll to make your meal more satisfying.

The following table will guide you in determining the amount of rice you need for your sushi rolls:

Before Cooking White Rice After Cooking Brown Rice After Cooking
50 grams 150 grams 125 grams
75 grams 225 grams 188 grams
100 grams 300 grams 250 grams
125 grams 375 grams 313 grams

How To Figure Out Rice Amount Needed for Sushi

how much sushi rice per roll

Most people enjoy cooking with precise measurements. Are you like that too? However, some cooks sight everything and then measure nothing. Genius, right?

Before most home cooks begin cooking anything, they need specific measures, weights, and amounts. This technique is particularly proper when making sushi!

It would be best to calculate and decide on the number rolls you create beforehand. You wouldn’t want to cook without knowing how many people are you preparing your rolls for.

Furthermore, sushi rice won’t last for over 24 hours after being stored. So, if you prepare too much, you’ll likely toss them away. How would you like to throw away food? Here’s the best part! Most of your adored sushi rolls are of uniform size, except those massive specialty rolls.

All sushi rolls utilize one size of wrapping. Thus, it’s simple to calculate the amount of rice you should prepare. As previously said, 80 grams per nori sheet is ideal.

Nonetheless, you can put more rice if you’re unsure how much to cook. White rice is pretty inexpensive. Hence, cooking a bit extra won’t break the bank.

Many individuals are so preoccupied with determining the amount of rice to cook. They fuss about how much sushi rice to add to their rolls. Don’t overlook the most crucial aspect. Rice consistency is far more essential in sushi making.

Now, how much sushi rice should you make for your rolls?  Again, one cup of raw rice yields around two cups of cooked rice. So, you’ll only need half a cup of cooked sushi rice to apply just the right amount on a seaweed sheet.

Therefore, a cup of raw rice yields around three rolls. Most people can eat about 2-3 rolls in one sitting. Thus, two people will need roughly 1-2 cups of raw sushi rice. Here’s a quick rundown to assist you with the calculation:

Number of People Number of Cups of Raw Rice
2 1-2 cups
4 2-3 cups
6 3-4.5 cups
8 4-6 cups
10 5-7.5 cups

What if you may have some unexpected guests? What if a guest would like to eat more? You can cook extra rice than your calculation.

It might not be very comfortable to run out of sushi during a gathering. Re-preparing sushi rice will be time-consuming.

How To Correctly Measure Rice for Your Sushi Rolls

how many pieces are in a sushi roll

Most people make the error of not measuring rice accurately. They estimate or measure the rice they need for sushi with their eyes.

Guessing may work for a family meal for three or four people. However, throwing a party is different! You’d better use a weighing scale to ensure accurate measurements.

Do you measure rice with a measuring cup? Ensure the top is level. Proportions may somewhat vary depending on the measuring cup’s size. When having a sushi party, make additional rice for two or three extra visitors.

Sift over the rice after measuring out the cups in a basin. This way, you can eliminate any cracked, split, or underdeveloped granules. See that the rice is milled well so that the surface shines and no bran residue remains.

If you’re utilizing a rice cooker, keep in mind that any amount of raw rice will double once cooked. So, always ensure that the amount of uncooked rice you’d put in the cooker is half of its total capacity.

What if you need to cook rice for a dozen people or more using a cooker? It would be best to cook rice in batches rather than cook it all at one time.

If you decide to cook rice using a pot, you’ll need a larger one to ensure that the rice boils appropriately. Cook your sushi rice 30-60 minutes ahead of time. This step will ensure that the rice is done and seasoned before your guests arrive.

You’ll need slightly warm and freshly made sushi rice to make fantastic rolls. Rice at room temperature is best, rather than hot or cold.

3 Key Steps in Preparing Rice for Your Sushi Rolls

how much sushi rice per person

After you’ve calculated the appropriate amount of rice to cook, there are three steps to follow. You need to rinse, soak, and cook the rice. If you follow the directions below precisely, you might be able to get it right on the first try.


Place the calculated amount of rice in a mesh bowl. Make sure it has small holes to prevent the rice from passing through. Put the bowl below a running faucet and pour cold water over the rice. Gently touch the rice grains with your hands. Discard the white powdered coating.

Make sure you don’t crack the grains. Continue rinsing the rice till the water passing through the filter is clear. Place the raw rice in a large mixing bowl if a mesh bowl is unavailable. Cover the bowl with water, and drain.

Fill the water up again. This time gently rub the granules to eliminate any dust or grime. Repeat this process two or three times till the water is no longer cloudy.


The next crucial stage in ensuring that your sushi rice turns sheen and fluffy when cooked is soaking. To get optimal results, soak the rice in water for a minimum of one hour if it’s summer and two hours in the winter. This technique depends on the humidity of the air.

After it has been properly soaked, the rice weight can increase by 1.25-1.30 times that of raw rice. It should turn powdery if you rub the granules vigorously with your fingertips. If you’re in haste, 30 minutes of soaking rice will suffice.


When you’re done soaking, drip the water little by little. Pour fresh water to cook the rice. To achieve the correct consistency, add about 1.2 cups of water per 1 cup of raw rice. Bring the water to a boil, covered. Reduce heat to low and cook for 20 minutes.

Once the rice is done, remove the lid. Set the rice aside to cool. Transfer the sushi rice to a bigger bowl and season with vinegar. Allow the rice to cool before beginning to make sushi rolls. When creating rolls, the rice must be at room temperature.


Do you know the amount of rice you’ll need to make sushi rolls now? To make delicious sushi, make sure your rice has the right amount of stickiness and flavor balance.

Therefore, you should know how much rice is in a sushi roll. Sushi is a great way to impress your guests.

How Much Rice Is in A Sushi Roll

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