What Is Halibut Sushi? (7 Halibut Sushi Recipes)

We have tons of sushi. Getting to know each one out could feel like a daunting task. We know. That’s why let’s take small steps. Let’s get to know them one by one. Today, let’s get to know the halibut sushi! What is it? How do you make it? Maybe most importantly, is it delicious?

Are you ready? Well, let’s dive right into it. Here are the answers and the 7 halibut sushi recipes we have prepared for you today.

What is Halibut Sushi?

What is Halibut Roll

First thing, first. Let’s answer what this sushi is.

The halibut sushi is a nigiri sushi. It is not among the most popular sushi out there, but it seems to be a favorite by many chefs. Like any other sushi, there are several ways to make this sushi.

As you will see later, even if the halibut sushi is generally known as a nigiri, you can also use it for maki and uramaki sushi. However, before continuing with that, let’s briefly discuss what a halibut is.

What is a Halibut?

You might be surprised, but a halibut is not a fish. Instead, it is a group of fishes. However, there are only three fishes in the group. Those fishes are the Atlantic halibut, the Greenland halibut, and the Pacific halibut.

When it comes to making sushi, we are often talking about the Greenland halibut, which is sometimes also called the turbot.

Today, we will be focusing on using this fish for sushi. However, it might be ideal to note that you can cook it in many different ways and use it in a variety of dishes.

Want to fry it? You could. Want to sear it? Yes, that is also possible. Want to bake it? Don’t worry. This fish also offers itself to this method. So, if you find yourself with a little too much halibut by the end of this discussion, you might want to try using it for another dish!

We now got that out of the way. Next, let’s go ahead and get to know the seven halibut sushi recipes we have for you!

7 Halibut Sushi Recipes

We have already discussed what the halibut sushi is. To add, we also got to know what the halibut is. If those things have gotten you imagining some delicious sushi, well, we believe these recipes will not disappoint! We hope you’re ready to meet these seven halibut sushi recipes. Let’s go!

1. Halibut Maki Sushi

Halibut Maki Sushi

First up, we have this recipe from Seafood from Norway.

As we said above, halibut sushi might usually be a nigiri sushi. However, you can use it for rolls too. If you are interested in using it for rolls, this is a recipe you might want to check out.

This halibut sushi recipe is easy to follow. You will likely have no problem, even if it is your first time making sushi. On the other hand, if you already know how to make a roll, making this one will feel pretty familiar.


2. Halibut Engawa Sushi “nigiri”

On the other hand, you might be interested to know how to make halibut nigiri sushi. Well, no worries! In that case, you might want to check this recipe by Chef Chai18.

You do not have to worry if you are not good with your knife work with this recipe. This recipe will show you all the steps, from cutting up the fish all the way to assembling the sushi.


3. Maki and Nigiri Sushi

Maki and Nigiri Sushi

If our first two suggestions did not get your attention, this halibut sushi recipe from Stika Salmon Shares might!

If you are making sushi for the first time, it might do you good to check this recipe out. It is pretty detailed from start to finish. It lists the ingredients for every part of the sushi and the tools needed for this sushi. The directions? Do not worry! It is also pretty clear!


4. Nori Maki (Nori Rolls with Japanese Omelette, Shiitake Mushroom, and Halibut)

Nori Maki

Over here, we have a halibut sushi recipe by Saveur.

If you are looking for a mix of flavors, you might find the ones above not to your taste. Well, you do not have to worry about that. This halibut sushi recipe by Saveur might be the one for you.

This one does not only have halibut but also an assortment of other delicious fillings. For one, it even has shiitake. Are you a fan of this mushroom? We believe you would like this recipe then!


5. Halibut Crudo

Halibut Crudo

Here is a recipe by Food Network.

Are you looking for something different? Something out of this world? Well, we do not have something out of this world, but we could help you try and make a sushi different from the traditional!

You might want to try and recreate this halibut crudo recipe and top it over some sushi rice to turn it into some extraordinary sushi then!

You also do not have to worry. A crudo may not exactly be like sushi. However, it is pretty similar, and we believe you will easily be able to recreate this one.



Still have not found the halibut sushi recipe you want? You might want to give this halibut sushi recipe by Outdoor Chef Life a chance then! It is made how we like our sushi. What do we mean? Well, easy and delicious, of course!

Additionally, you will also see a few other things that you can do with your leftover halibut. So, if you have bought one too many halibuts, you might want to check this one out now.


7. Maki rolls with salmon, halibut and shrimp

Maki rolls

Finally, we have our last halibut sushi recipe. This one is from Eat Your Books.

If none of the ones we showed you today tickled your tastebuds, you might want to try and make your own twist! This recipe will give you that creative freedom! It lists the ingredients you would need, but it lets you take control of the whole process.

If you are feeling adventurous or simply want to let your creativity run wild, you might want to check this sushi recipe then!

Things to Keep in Mind Before Making Halibut Sushi

Get Sushi-Grade Halibut

Get Sushi-Grade Halibut

If you plan on making some homemade halibut sushi, you want to ensure you get some sushi-grade halibut. When making sushi, not just any fish will do. Otherwise, you might end up sick!

Remember, many sushi use raw fish. Sushi-grade fish practically means it is safe to eat raw. On the other hand, regular fish is safe for consumption, but not when the fish is still uncooked.

What could be so bad with regular fish when uncooked? Well, let us talk a little about that in the next section.

Halibut and Worms

Halibut and Worms

Among the many different kinds of fish used for sushi, halibut is one of the many infamously known to contain worms. While all fish could have some worms, the halibut ranks high on the list.

While you can find the worms on almost any part of this fish’s meat, they seem to be usually in the stomach. If you are dealing with a freshly caught halibut, it might be best to skin it immediately, hold it up a bright light, and remove the worms.

Otherwise, freeze it as soon as possible and avoid cutting up and opening this part before you handle the fish.

Still, we suggest buying sushi-grade halibut instead. As we like to say around here, it is better to be safe than sorry. Parasites could be a tricky issue. If you are not familiar with the steps in dealing with them, it might be best to get one that is already processed.

While the methods we have shown you could work, you could get sick if you do it wrong. Additionally, these methods work best if you plan to cook the halibut in the end. As you already know, often, this fish is raw when used for sushi.

Cook Your Halibut

Finally, as we have said above, if you want to ensure your safety, it might be best to cook your halibut. If you decide to do so, even if you accidentally leave one or two worms in there, the fish meat should still be safe to eat.

What Is Halibut Sushi? (7 Halibut Sushi Recipes)

Today, it was all about the halibut sushi!
First, we discussed what a halibut and a halibut sushi is. Here, we learned that the halibut is not a fish but a group of fish. There are three kinds, but the turbot is the one often used for the sushi. We also discussed that a halibut sushi is often a nigiri sushi. However, it could also be a maki and an uramaki.
After that, we went on ahead and showed you the 7 halibut sushi recipes we prepared for you today. Finally, we discussed the things you need to keep in mind before going ahead with your homemade halibut sushi.
We hope we got to help you get to know another sushi today. Feel free to give us another visit for more sushi knowledge.


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