24 Best Ground Beef and Rice Recipes

When you’re feeling uninspired with your pound of ground beef, try mixing things up with these exciting ground beef and rice recipes from Morocco, Italy, China, and Korea. These dishes are not only full of exciting flavors, but they are also budget-friendly to keep your grocery bill low. Don’t miss out on these delicious and cheap meal options.

Looking for inspiration for dinner? Ground beef and rice recipes are always a great option. Don’t settle for the same old burgers or tacos – mix things up with these international recipes. From Morocco to Korea, these dishes are full of exciting flavors and won’t break the bank. Keep your grocery bill low with these budget-friendly options.

4. Taco Casserole with Rice

You’ll love this easy-to-make Taco Casserole with Rice! This dish combines the delicious flavors of Mexican seasoning, beef, and rice in one satisfying meal. Top it off with plenty of cheese and crushed tortilla chips and bake it in the oven for a crunchy finish. It’s perfect for a quick and easy dinner that everyone will enjoy.

6. Crockpot Fritos Taco Bowls

Looking for a simple and delicious meal for your camping trip? Look no further than Crockpot Fritos Taco Bowls! Simmer your taco meat in the Crockpot all day and pour it over a bowl of Fritos. The result is a tasty and crunchy dish that is packed with big Mexican flavors. These taco bowls are perfect for a quick and easy camping meal that everyone will love.

8. Spicy Italian Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your cabbage rolls, try this recipe that incorporates spicy Italian sausage into the mix. By combining the sausage with ground beef and rice, you’ll create a flavorful filling that takes your cabbage rolls to the next level. The end result is a delicious and savory dish that’s sure to satisfy your taste buds. Give this recipe a try and see for yourself how the addition of Italian sausage can make all the difference in your cabbage rolls.

2. Mexican Ground Beef Casserole with Rice

Looking for a simple and flavorful dinner option? Try this Mexican-inspired ground beef casserole with rice. Similar to stuffed peppers, this dish is packed with punchy Mexican flavors and plenty of cheese. It’s easy to whip up and perfect for a busy weeknight meal. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Ground beef
  • Rice
  • Salsa
  • Corn
  • Black beans
  • Cheese

Simply brown the ground beef in a skillet, then mix in cooked rice, salsa, corn, and black beans. Transfer the mixture to a casserole dish and top with shredded cheese. Bake in the oven until the cheese is melted and bubbly. Serve hot and enjoy the bold flavors of this delicious dish.

19. Crockpot Hamburger Wild Rice Casserole

If you’re looking for a new way to enjoy the classic flavors of hamburgers, try this recipe for Crockpot Hamburger Wild Rice Casserole. It’s a delicious and easy-to-make dish that doesn’t require buns. This recipe is similar to dirty rice, but without the creole seasoning. To make it, simply combine ground beef, cream of wild rice soup, cream of mushroom soup, and your favorite vegetables in a Crockpot. Let it cook low and slow, and in no time, you’ll have a flavorful casserole that’s ready to serve.

21. Hamburger Potato Casserole

Looking for a comforting dinner dish? Try this Hamburger Potato Casserole that combines the best of both worlds – potatoes and rice. With simple ingredients that you likely have on hand, this casserole is easy to make and perfect for those gloomy nights. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Ground beef
  • Potatoes
  • Rice
  • Onion
  • Cream of mushroom soup
  • Milk
  • Salt and pepper

Simply brown the ground beef and onion, then layer with sliced potatoes and rice in a casserole dish. Mix together the cream of mushroom soup and milk, then pour over the top. Bake in the oven until the potatoes are tender and the top is golden brown. Enjoy a comforting and indulgent meal with this Hamburger Potato Casserole.

9. Healthy Meatloaf

Looking for a healthier version of meatloaf? Incorporating vegetables and ground turkey into your ground beef mixture can make all the difference. By swapping out half of the ground beef, you can still enjoy the beefy flavors without the added calories from excess fat. This moist and tender meatloaf is just as delicious as the original. For an even healthier option, try serving it with roasted veggies instead of potatoes.

10. Ground Beef Stuffed Pepper Skillet

This dish is a delicious and easy option for a busy weeknight. The fire-roasted peppers and onions add a savory depth of flavor, while the rice cooks right in the skillet. Top it off with plenty of melted cheese for a satisfying and cheesy meal.

11. Crockpot Cabbage Roll Soup

Looking for an easy way to enjoy the delicious taste of cabbage rolls without all the work? Try making Crockpot cabbage roll soup! Dump all of the ingredients, including rice, into your slow cooker and let it do the rest. This soup is perfect for busy weeknights or lazy weekends when you want a comforting meal without the fuss. Serve it with a crisp salad and crusty bread for a complete and satisfying meal.

7. Thai Basil Beef (Pad Gra Prow)

Looking for a way to add some heat to your ground beef? Pad gra prow is a delicious option that incorporates basil and vegetables into a spicy Thai sauce. You can easily adjust the heat level to your liking by modifying the base sauce. While the sauce may be a bit runny, fear not! The rice will soak up all of the flavorful sauce, resulting in a simple yet satisfying dinner dish with authentic Thai flavors.

13. Dirty Rice

Dirty rice is a simple and delicious one-pan dish that is perfect for a quick and easy meal. The dish is made by cooking ground beef and rice in smoky Creole seasonings, and then topped with green onions for added flavor. The key to making great dirty rice is to use Cajun or Creole seasoning, which can be found at your local grocery store. This dish is perfect for those who want a flavorful and filling meal without spending hours in the kitchen.

25. Sesame Ground Beef Stir-Fry

This dish is a colorful and flavorful stir-fry that incorporates Asian seasonings. To prepare this dish, cook ground beef with ripe peppers, cabbage, onions, and celery. Add garlic and ginger to enhance the savory flavor. Serve the stir-fry over white rice for a complete meal.

14. Stuffed Pepper Soup

If you’re a fan of stuffed peppers, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on fresh peppers, this soup is a great alternative. With just two peppers and a pound of ground beef (or ground turkey/chicken for a healthier option), you can make a large batch that will feed a crowd. The rice is cooked in a rich beef broth, and the soup is topped with cheese and served with bread for a comforting and filling meal.

15. Taco-Stuffed Peppers With Ground Beef (Gluten-Free)

Looking for a gluten-free twist on taco night? Look no further than these delicious taco-stuffed peppers! Simply stuff halved bell peppers with a mixture of ground beef, taco seasoning, and your favorite veggies, then bake until tender. Top with melted cheese and hot sauce for an extra kick of flavor. Perfect for a quick and easy weeknight dinner!

16. Taco Bell Quesarito (Copycat)

To make a copycat version of the Taco Bell Quesarito, start by making a quesadilla with two tortilla shells. Add seasoned ground beef and rice on top of the quesadilla. Roll the quesadilla into a burrito, making sure to tuck in the sides. Brown the burrito on a grill until it is crispy. This copycat version is just as indulgent as the original and is sure to satisfy your cravings.

12. Moroccan Beef Stew with Lentils

Looking for a hearty and flavorful meal? Look no further than Moroccan Beef Stew with Lentils. This dish combines classic Moroccan seasonings with ground beef, lentils, and dried fruit to create a unique and satisfying flavor profile. The addition of raisins and apricots adds a touch of sweetness to the savory stew. Plus, with its filling ingredients, this dish is sure to leave you feeling satisfied.

1. Korean Ground Beef and Rice Bowls

Looking for a quick and easy meal for a busy weeknight? Look no further than these Korean ground beef and rice bowls. Simply mix together lean ground beef with sesame oil, soy sauce, garlic, and brown sugar for a flavorful and dynamic dish. Serve over rice for a complete meal that cooks in just 20 minutes. Plus, even picky eaters will approve of this delicious and satisfying dinner option.

5. Arancini

Arancini is a delectable Italian dish that is worth the extra effort to make. These deep-fried rice balls are stuffed with a meaty ragu infused with savory veggies like carrots and meatballs. You can customize the filling by adding meat and veggies or just cheese for picky eaters. Arancini is a perfect appetizer or snack that is sure to impress your guests with its delicious taste and unique presentation.

3. Cheesy Ground Beef and Rice Casserole

Looking for a budget-friendly and flavorful meal? Look no further than this cheesy ground beef and rice casserole. With simple and affordable ingredients, this dish is anything but basic. The secret to its massive flavor comes from a can of cream of mushroom soup. Just mix it in with your beef and rice mixture and let those flavors marinate in the oven. Want to save this recipe? Enter your email below and we’ll send it straight to your inbox.

17. Air Fryer Stuffed Peppers

If you’re short on time but craving classic comfort food, try making Air Fryer Stuffed Peppers. Cooking these peppers in an air fryer instead of an oven cuts the cooking time in half. The stuffing is rich, tender, and aromatic, while the cheese bubbles up to a delicious golden brown. This recipe includes all the staples of classic bell peppers, making it a must-try dish. So bust out your air fryer and indulge in this quick and easy recipe.

24. Classic Porcupine Meatballs

If you’re looking for a unique meatball recipe, try making Classic Porcupine Meatballs. These meatballs are made with a mixture of rice and ground beef, giving them their signature “porcupine” appearance. Originally created during the Great Depression, this dish was a way to stretch meatballs without using extra meat. Top them with marinara sauce and serve them over mashed potatoes or pasta for a delicious and hearty meal. No porcupines were harmed in the making of this dinner.

18. Chili Cream Rice Bake

If you’re looking for a hearty and flavorful meal, try making this Chili Cream Rice Bake. The dish features a creamy rice base made with cottage cheese and sour cream, which pairs perfectly with the spicy and smoky ground beef. Here’s what you need to make it:

  • White rice
  • Ground beef
  • Chili powder
  • Cumin
  • Garlic powder
  • Cottage cheese
  • Sour cream
  • Shredded cheddar cheese

To make the dish, simply cook the rice and mix it with the cottage cheese and sour cream. Brown the ground beef and season it with chili powder, cumin, and garlic powder. Layer the rice mixture and beef in a casserole dish, and top with shredded cheddar cheese. Bake in the oven until the cheese is melted and bubbly. Enjoy the rich and satisfying flavors of this chili cream rice bake.

20. Enchilada Dipping Rice

Impress your guests with this delicious Enchilada Dipping Rice recipe! The beef and rice base is infused with rich enchilada seasoning and topped with plenty of cheese. Serve it in a bowl with classic taco toppings or use tortilla shells as a dip. This dish is perfect as a show-stopping appetizer at potlucks or as a main dish.

22. Hamburger and Zucchini Skillet

Looking for a nutritious and filling dinner option? Try this hamburger and zucchini skillet recipe! It’s a great way to use up extra zucchini from your garden, and the rich and meaty flavors of ground beef pair perfectly with the earthy notes from the zucchini. Plus, with a healthy portion of brown rice and plenty of veggies, it’s a well-rounded meal that will leave you feeling satisfied. Give it a try tonight!


You can create delicious and nutritious meals using ground beef and rice. With a variety of recipes available, you can easily find one that suits your taste preferences and dietary needs. Some popular options include stuffed peppers, meatballs with rice, and beef and rice stir-fry. Experiment with different seasonings and ingredients to create your own unique dishes. Enjoy a satisfying and easy-to-make meal with ground beef and rice recipes.

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