Best Cucumber Sushi Recipes

22 Best Cucumber Sushi Recipes

Sushi is a classic Japanese cuisine that is popular all over the world. Sushi is little rice cakes seasoned with sweet vinegar and often topped with raw fish, seaweed, cooked egg, and vegetables. As time has progressed, so has the sushi-making process, which now includes ingredients not included in the original sushi recipe. One popular

Cowboy Sushi recipes

23 Best Cowboy Sushi Recipes

Did you know that sushi does not always have to go with raw seafood? Yes, you read that correctly! You can eat and enjoy sushi without munching on raw fish, shrimp, or salmon by making cowboy sushi. These 23 cowboy sushi recipes are ready to amaze your tastebuds with savory flavors and flares. Check them

19 Best Chicken Tempura Sushi Recipes

One of the most popular recipes in Japanese cuisine is chicken tempura roll. However, ordering it in a restaurant will cost you money. So, how about making it yourself? What else do you need when you have the correct instructions? For sushi fans, here are 20 chicken tempura sushi recipes you can try. 1. Chicken Tempura

Best Squid Sushi Recipes

18 Best Squid Sushi Recipes

Sushi is regarded as a unique art form in Japan. How it looks is as essential as how it tastes. Sushi needs to be the proper color, taste, and texture. Sushi with squid is no exception. It requires several precise processes. Here are 20 squid sushi recipes to help you. 1. Ika Squid Nigiri This recipe

22 Best Smoked Salmon Sushi Recipes

An immeasurable number of people are fond of Japanese dishes, and one among the crowd’s favorite dishes is the Smoked Salmon Sushi. However, daily dining out with your friends and family will cost you so much to satisfy your sushi cravings. Do not worry, though, because you can make it at home by following these

cauliflower rice sushi

24 Best Cauliflower Rice Sushi Recipes

Cauliflower rice sushi is one of the most popular keto sushi out there. If you are not familiar with it, it might be because you better know it simply as keto sushi! It is one of the better-known keto sushi for several reasons. For one, it offers a low-carb sushi option. For another, the ingredients

snow crab roll

18 Best Snow Crab Sushi Recipes

Planning a sushi night? Snow crab sushi is a fun treat made with crab meat. Serving this treat will make your sushi night complete! If you don’t know how to make snow crab sushi yet, we got you. We have 18 snow crab sushi recipes on this page, just for you: Snow Crab Sushi Snow

shaggy dog sushi

11 Best Shaggy Dog Sushi Recipes

If you love sushi, you are probably familiar with the different types out there. And you might have sushi rolls that are close to your heart and palate. If this kind of sushi is one of them, then you should definitely check out the 11 Shaggy Dog Sushi recipes. What’s The Shaggy Dog Sushi Recipe?

lobster roll sushi

22 Best Lobster Roll Sushi Recipes

Lobsters are commonly associated with fancy dinners in fine-dining restaurants. However, you can use this delectable seafood to prepare sushi at home. It’s a perfect combination of protein, carbs, and vegetables, making it a complete meal. Here are 22 lobster sushi recipes to help you get started. What is lobster roll sushi? A lobster roll

Best Dominican Sushi Recipes

16 Best Dominican Sushi Recipes

Have you heard of the Caribbean’s Dominican breakfast for champions? There’s an extraordinary twist that combines Dominican breakfast with Japanese cuisine: Dominican Sushi. If you’re interested in making a few rolls for breakfast, you’re lucky to be on the right page! We have 17  Dominican Sushi Recipes for you to try. There are a lot