calories from sushi

10 Famous Whole Food Sushi Rolls Calories & Nutrition

Sushi is an authentic Japanese dish made of raw or cooked seafood, seasoned rice, and vegetables wrapped in a seaweed sheet called nori. Over the years, sushi rolls have been adopted in countries worldwide, such as the United States. Then,  you may think that sushi rolls are such a small snack and can be an

sauce for sushi

What Is Sushi Sauce? (7 Homemade Sushi Sauce Recipes)

You’ve decided to make sushi at home, but you’re unsure what to put on your rolls? We have the ultimate solution! Sushi is one of the world’s most popular foods. It’s also one of the most fun and exciting to make. But to level it up, don’t just buy a bottle of sauce from grocery

pink ginger

Why is Sushi Ginger Pink?

Sushi ginger or gari is a common accompaniment on every sushi platter. Sushi ginger is commonly used as a palette cleanser. The pickled ginger is known for its distinct pink tinge that some people might ask: Why is sushi ginger pink? What is Sushi Ginger? Sushi ginger, pink ginger, or gari is a staple part of

sushi rice substitute

7 Sushi Rice Substitutes to Try Now

Today, we will be showing you 7 sushi rice substitutes! Sushi rice is an appealing part of sushi. However, some of us look for a change sometimes. On the other hand, sushi rice might be a tasty treat but it is not for all. Whether it is the former or the latter, you need not

sushi without rice

7 Ways to Order Sushi Without Rice

Are you wondering how to order sushi without rice? Well, you don’t need to anymore! Today, we will be showing you 7 ways to order sushi without rice. The different types of sushi almost always has this grain. With that, it could be hard to imagine this dish without it. It can even be surprising

what kind of salmon for sushi

What Kind of Salmon Is Used For Sushi? (Salmon Sushi Hacks To Try!)

If you’ve been to a sushi restaurant, you’ve probably enjoyed the tender flesh of delicious salmon. Salmon is a popular fish used in sushi, sashimi, and other dishes. But what kind of salmon is used for sushi? This article will walk you through everything you need to know about salmon and sushi. We’ve laid out

how much does sushi cost

How Much Is Sushi In Japan? (Expensive or Cheap?)

It is no secret that Japan is home to lip-smackingly delicious traditional sushi. Japan is not only rich in culture and tradition, but sushi bars and restaurants are all over the country too! There are various sushi spots where you can satisfy your sushi cravings. But to start, how much is sushi in Japan? Is

10 Sushi Platter Ideas for Your Upcoming Sushi Parties

10 Sushi Platter Ideas for Your Upcoming Sushi Parties

Do you have an upcoming sushi party? Well, let us help you prepare! Today, allow us to show you our top 10 sushi platter ideas! Make these platters, and you will most likely get your guests gushing one way or another. Are you excited? Well, let’s not delay then! We have a lot of sushi

Does Walmart Sell Sushi

Does Walmart Sell Sushi in 2023? (Types, Prices, Quality + More)

Walmart has been dominating the supermarket industry in the West. It’s the most well-known supermarket chain in the United States and Canada. They offer many supplies and ready-to-eat food. Some people might ask: Does Walmart have sushi? What is Sushi? Sushi is a traditional Japanese dish that contains seafood, vinegared rice, and vegetables. There are two

Sticky Rice vs. Sushi Rice

Sticky Rice vs. Sushi Rice – Similarities & Differences

Those who do not dig deep into the colorful world of ingredients might have a hard time distinguishing sticky rice from sushi rice. However, it’s really no problem as there are many materials available for learning. Here are some of the basic things you need to know about sticky rice vs. sushi rice. Getting to