14 Best Sushi Places in Asheville, NC [2023 Updated]

Are you having a hard time finding a sushi spot in Asheville? Worry not. Allow us to help you with that!

We did the research, and we have come up with this list of the best sushi spots in the area. By the end, you will have 14 sushi spots to check out! Well, let us not delay this. Here are the 14 best sushi places in Asheville, NC.

The 14 Best Sushi Places in Asheville

If we are talking about the number of sushi spots in a city, Asheville undoubtedly will not rank last. This city does have some sushi spots hidden here and there. However, it will not rank first either.

There might be a few sushi places in the city, but there is not really an abundance. Sushi lovers might find it hard to get their sushi fix. Now, that might be the reason you are here. Well, worry not. We are here!

We have searched far and wide, and that led us here. You might be excited to get some sushi, so let us not delay. Let us meet the first sushi spot on the list.

Wasabi Japanese Restaurant

$$ | (828) 225-2551 | WEBSITE

Best Sushi Places in Asheville, NC Wasabi Japanese Restaurant

Our first stop is Wasabi! You might not be a big fan of the plant, but you might become a big fan of this sushi place. Wasabi is one of the favorite sushi spots of the locals, after all.

If you are a picky eater or following a diet, this place would most likely be able to cater to your taste buds and sushi needs as they have a wide selection. They have a vegetarian section, for one!


Zen Sushi

$$ | (828) 225-6033 | WEBSITE

Best Sushi Place in Asheville, NC Zen Sushi

Are you looking for nothing but the best? Zen Sushi is highly regarded, with many locals claiming it offers the top sushi experience in the area.

That is not all, though! They also have a wide selection. You do not have to worry if you have exquisite taste. They might not get your best sushi award, but you will likely find some sushi here to satisfy your taste buds.


Asheville Sushi & Hibachi

$$ | (828) 277-3838 | WEBSITE

Asheville, NC , CA Best Sushi Places Asheville Sushi & Hibachi

Our next sushi place is hiding at the far end of a shopping plaza.

If you plan to give them a visit, do not forget to take your phone or camera with you. The sushi this place has are not only tasty but also pretty. You might want to take a picture for the gram or simply as a memory of the delicious sushi you had.

That is not all, though. This sushi spot also has some mighty fine customer service!


Heiwa Shokudo

$$ | (828) 254-7761 | WEBSITE

Sushi Places in Asheville, NC Heiwa Shokudo

Our next stop is Heiwa Shokudo.

Heiwa Shokudo is another place that offers a wide sushi selection. We have very little doubt you will find some sushi to satisfy your palate and your stomach. However, that is not all this sushi spot has.

They have a ton of other mouth-watering meals too. If you find yourself at Heiwa Shokudo, you might want to ensure you get more than their sushi. While their sushi could satisfy, why miss the opportunity of digging into other delicious things?



$$ | (828) 252-7885 | WEBSITE

Sushi Place in Asheville, NC Ichiban

You might have heard it before, but they say we first eat with our eyes. Well, Ichiban understood the assignment! Ichiban does not only serve its diners with some scrumptious sushi.

They present your meals in a way worthy of being put in the gram. With that said, you can expect your sushi to fill not only your tummies but your eyes as well.

They carefully craft your meals. With that, of course you can also expect good customer service from Ichiban!


Mr.Sushi North

$ | (828) 505-0871 | WEBSITE


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Next, let us stop by Mr. Sushi! Mr. Sushi is another sushi place that can offer you sushi that does not only taste but also looks delicious. If you think it ends there, you are wrong!

Another good thing about Mr. Sushi is that they offer you tons of options. You will likely have no trouble finding something that will match your diet and your taste buds!

Still, it does not end with their sushi. They can also offer you a nice place with some friendly folks. What is not to love?


Udon Sushi & Noodle

$$ | (828) 378-6882 | WEBSITE

Asheville, NC , CA Sushi Place Udon Sushi & Noodle

Next, let us go and check out Udon Sushi & Noodle. Do you want a little bit of everything? Good sushi, service, and space? Well, Udon Sushi & Noodle might be the sushi spot for you!

Good sushi? They have sushi that looks and tastes good. Good service? They have some friendly folks there, ready to give you good customer service. Good space? They can also offer you a nice place to eat your sushi.

Tell us, what is not to like about Udon Sushi & Noodle?


Miyako House

$$ | (828) 785-1501 | WEBSITE

Top Sushi Places in Asheville, NC Miyako House

Over here, we have the highly-rated Miyako House. If fresh and fun are the words you are looking for, Miyako House is a sushi spot that might hit the spot. Are you someone who likes taking some shots before digging in the meal?

Miyako has some delicious dishes that might make you forget to snap away and instead make you stuff your face immediately.

That is how good their food is, and you do not have to take our word for it. They have tons of diners who could attest to it!


Asaka Japanese Cuisine

$ | (828) 250-9301 | WEBSITE

Top Sushi Place in Asheville, NC Asaka Japanese Cuisine

Next up, let us give Asaka a visit. This sushi spot can offer you many things, but they do not give you much variety. However, do not let that throw you off. If you can find something you like on their list, and we believe you will, you are in for a treat.

That is because Asaka has one of the most budget-friendly sushi in the area. As if that is not enough, they have some of the biggest sushi you will ever see!


Pacific Pagoda Sushi & Grill

$$ | (828) 277-6636 | WEBSITE

Asheville, NC , CA Top Sushi Places Pacific Pagoda Sushi & Grill

Next up, let us stop over at Pacific Pagoda!

This sushi place has a wide range of sushi from which you can take your pick for your lunch or dinner feast. They are not the cheapest place to get some sushi, but they make the bucks you spend here worth it by giving you large portions.

Pacific Pagoda does not only have their sushi to boast about, though. They have tons of other tasty treats too, and you might want to try them too when you visit!


The Madness Sushi and Burger Bar

$$ | (828) 505-1345 | WEBSITE


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Are you looking to treat the gang? Well, you might want to consider our next sushi spot. Let us go and talk about The Madness next.

Why is The Madness a place to take your friend to? Well, they offer you a decent sushi selection, for one. However, if some of your friends are not up for some sushi, they also have some burgers!

As you can see, there is a little bit of everything for everybody. Everyone will likely find something to satisfy their taste buds and tummies!


Green Tea Sushi Japanese Restaurant

$$ | (828) 252-8300 | WEBSITE

Asheville, NC , CA Top Sushi Place Green Tea Sushi Japanese Restaurant

Over here, let us talk about Green Tea Sushi. There are many things to like about Green Tea Sushi. For one, they have a wide selection of delicious sushi.

For another, their sushi will likely not only satisfy your taste buds but your eyes too. Of course, we cannot forget to mention that they also give out good portions. Tell us what is not to love with Green Tea Sushi?

Still, the good things do not stop with their sushi. They also have a nice place and good customer service!


Yum Sushi Burrito & Poke

$$ | (828) 505-2277 | WEBSITE


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Are you looking for something different? You might want to give Yum Sushi Burrito & Poke a try then. As you might have already expected from the name, they do not offer ordinary sushi. Instead, they have sushi burritos!

Many attest that the sushi burrito is one of the most delicious things they have tasted. Now, is that true? Well, you be the judge! Give Yum Sushi Burrito & Poke a visit and try their sushi burritos now!


Red Ginger Dimsum & Tapas

$$ | (828) 505-8688 | WEBSITE


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Last but undoubtedly not least, we have one of the most reviewed and highly-rated restaurants – Red Ginger!

There are many good things one could say about this food place. While they do not have that many sushi options, they offer tons of tasty treats on the menu.

Also, once you start visiting them, you might begin stopping by often. It seems they update their menu frequently. Now, who wants to miss out on delicious food?


Finding the Best Sushi Spot for You

We have shown you what we have deemed the best places to get some sushi. Now, allow us to help you find the best sushi spot for you.

Safety is the Standard

When we talk about food, the first criteria for judging many think of is often the taste. That is important, yes. After all, who wants to eat unpalatable food?

However, safety is the standard, of course. While that may be obvious, we emphasize this criterion because cleanliness is especially essential when talking about sushi.

A good look around the place should give you an idea of what kind of sushi they will serve you.

If the restaurant welcomes you with an unpleasant smell, that should already be sending up red flags. For another, if the place looks like a mess, that should already be a warning.

On the other hand, if the place looks and smells clean, that does not mean you should already let your guard down. If you can, sit at the sushi bar.

This way, you can watch your sushi as the chef makes it. The more you know and see, the more you can be sure you are eating safe sushi.

Watch Out for the Special Rolls

If you are following a diet, do not easily trust the menu. It seems common to receive something falsely advertised. For example, gluten-free sushi that is not actually gluten-free.

Final Words

There you have it! The 14 best sushi places in Asheville, NC! It could be a feat to find a sushi spot that can hit the spot. However, we hope this list was able to help you.

If you have other sushi questions or planning to have a sushi spot hopping, you might want to check our other discussions out. If it is about sushi, we might have the thing you need!

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