14 Best Sushi Places in Raleigh, NC (with Photos & Maps)

Raleigh is home to many museums, parks, and other travel destinations. Finding the best sushi restaurant can be pretty daunting, whether you are a local or a tourist. Well, don’t worry! Here are the 14 Best Sushi Places in Raleigh, NC.

City Market Sushi

$$ | (919) 322-1987 | WEBSITE


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Cozy and inviting, this sushi restaurant is the place to be if you love some specialty rolls. The restaurant joint is known for its hefty servings and modern twists on traditional sushi. Their specialty rolls feature inside filling and outside toppings.

The restaurant goes all in with a rustic yet modern feel. Complete with dark wood furniture and decors, you can ensure a very relaxing time. With its warm ambiance, it’s perfect for intimate or group dining.


The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar

$$ | (919) 784-0400 | WEBSITE


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The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar offers a diverse menu to satisfy all ages, including a variety of sushi and burger options. The restaurant can offer you everything from complicated sushi dishes to easy-to-eat children’s snacks. Their wide variety of sushi, such as nigiri and specialty rolls, will satisfy you in no time.

You can also try out their ‘Burgushi’ combo meal, which offers a nice blend of burgers, sushi, and side dishes. Besides the food, the restaurant also has an excellent ambiance perfect for any group, solo, or family dine-out you deserve.


Sushi Mon

$$ | (919) 803-1000 | WEBSITE

Raleigh, NC Best Sushi Places Sushi Mon

Sushi Mon features a low-light ambiance that is dark, rustic, and intimate. If you love nigiri or tempura roll, this restaurant is for you. Sushi Mon also offers a variety of specialty rolls for you to enjoy, such as their ‘Vegetarian’ and ‘Unagi’ sushi rolls.

The restaurant is perfect for an all-in-one sushi experience. You can watch the sushi chefs make your food in the open bar. Sushi Mon is the place to be if you are in for a sushi place with a good ambiance and great food.


Koi Grill & Sushi

$$ | (919) 848-4663 | WEBSITE

Raleigh, NC Best Sushi Place Koi Grill & Sushi

Koi Grill and Sushi is the best place for you if you are a fan of maki rolls, nigiri, and other specialty rolls. The restaurant showcases a wide array of Pan Asian and other East Asian dishes. So, this is the place if you want an all-in-one-stop restaurant for your Asian cravings.

The restaurant sports a cozy vibe, with light-colored chairs and tables. Along with the furniture, the plants inside will genuinely make for a relaxing time. Add their delicious green tea to the mix, and you are ready to unwind.


Sono Sushi

$$ | (919) 521-5328 | WEBSITE

Best Sushi Places in Raleigh, NC Sono Sushi

Near the WTVD station, Sono Sushi calls for any sushi connoisseur. The restaurant boasts some excellent design in their place and for their food. With an almost artisan touch, you can ensure your food looks appetizing.

Sono Sushi has multiple menus ranging from nigiri, maki rolls, and specialty rolls. Along with their excellent Japanese food, you are also in for some international and local drinks through their bar. It’s truly a one-stop shop for some relaxing time.


Waraji Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar

$$$ | (919) 783-1883 | WEBSITE


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With great food and excellent ambiance, with a claim as the best sushi in Raleigh, this restaurant has a lot to prove. Their menu boasts an array of sushi and other Japanese dishes that satisfy your cravings.

If you are into more upscale sushi dining, Waraji’s is the place to be. This high-class fancy restaurant will have you enjoying a good-old traditional Japanese izakaya. With an excellent team of the sushi chef to boast, Waraji Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar should be on the top of your sushi place list.


Sushi O Bistro and Sushi Bar

$$ | (919) 838-8868 | WEBSITE

Raleigh, NC Sushi Places Sushi O Bistro and Sushi Bar

Sushi O Bistro and Sushi Bar have it for you if you are a fan of small restaurants with great food and a cozy ambiance. This restaurant boasts a long list of sushi menus and other Asian dishes. Enjoy a cup of sake along with their Japanese food.

Along with their incredible food, the restaurant also features a long list of drinks to choose from. Ranging from wine, martinis, and cocktails, this restaurant has it all for you.


Ajisai Japanese Fusion

$$ | (919) 831-9907 | WEBSITE

Raleigh, NC Sushi Place Ajisai Japanese Fusion

What’s more delectable than some sushi? Ajisai Japanese Fusion answers this question with their delicious fusion dishes. The restaurant features many Japanese dishes with a twist, such as their ‘Mini Pizza’ and ‘Truffle Salmon’ sushi.

If you are a fan of non-traditional sushi, this is the place for you. They boast new flavors to the oriental dish without losing the authentic Japanese flavors. Along with excellent food, the restaurant also offers a wide range of beverages.


Sushi Nine

$$ | (919) 615-3100 | WEBSITE


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Sushi Nine strives to be the best sushi bar in the Raleigh area. Following a fire in 2015, the restaurant temporarily halted operations but has since resumed serving its delicious sushi rolls. Fortunately, they returned stronger with the same vibes and food that everyone in the area loves.

The restaurant offers a long list of nigiri selections and various sushi rolls. However, if you want another twist to your sushi, the joint also offers a poke bowl. Sushi Nine can be an incredible option if you want a casual sushi place for friends and family.


Sushi Blues Cafe

$$ | (919) 664-8061 | WEBSITE


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Sitting in the heart of Raleigh, Sushi Blues Café looks out to serve delicious sushi with the best ingredients. The sushi place is known for its outstanding service, excellent food, and soothing ambiance. With their different sushi and Japanese dishes, you can have a fun night out at Sushi Blues Café.

Other than their Makimono Bogo rolls, the restaurant also offers vegetarian sushi. Indeed, whatever diet you subscribe to, there is delectable sushi for you.


Tau Asian Bistro

$$ | (919) 544-8474 | WEBSITE


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Present in the Brierdale Shopping Center, Tau Asian Bistro features around fifty different rolls to choose from. Their joint is not just available in Raleigh but also other parts of North Carolina, such as Durham and Cary.

You will also love Tau Asian’s menu if you love some specialty rolls. With various rolls, you will have something that suits your taste. You know you are in for an excellent time and a perfect ambiance.


Sushi One

$$ | (919) 615-3209 | WEBSITE

Sushi Places in Raleigh, NC Sushi One

Sushi One is present in the Lafayette Village and ready to serve delicious sushi with every bite. You will love to dine in and unwind with a modern and cozy interior and sushi bar. Enjoy a slew of fusion dishes along with traditional Asian beverages.

Sushi One is an excellent spot for those who love a casual eating joint. They have excellent serving and an array of selections to satisfy your cravings.


Seagate Crabhouse And Sushi

$$ | (984) 200-4766 | WEBSITE

Sushi Place in Raleigh, NC Seagate Crabhouse And Sushi

Seagate is the place to be if you want your sushi with a side of deep-fried or buttered seafood. They do not only serve raw seafood with their sashimi and sushi a la carte, but they also offer it as a meal. Being a seafood and sushi joint, you can ensure that they have the best fresh seafood in the area.

Their big platters are enough to fill any group of family or friends. So, if you love a combination of raw and deep-fried seafood, better check out Seagate.


Hako Sushi

$$ | (919) 235-0589 | WEBSITE

Best Sushi Place in Raleigh, NC Hako Sushi

Hako Sushi is home to many sushi dishes with a very authentic Japanese taste. If you love some hand rolls, sushi rolls, or the traditional nigiri, Hako Sushi has it all for you. They also offer new and exciting desserts such as ‘Tempura Ice Cream’ and ‘Green Tea ice cream.’

As you visit Glenwood Village, be sure to drop by and have a bite out of their sushi. Along with a very cozy ambiance, you can have a relaxing break and unwind.


In Summary

Whatever part of Raleigh you are in, there is a sushi spot for you. With this list of the 14 Best Sushi Places in Raleigh, NC, you can have a bite of some fresh and excellent sushi. Whatever budget or type of sushi roll you want, there is a joint for you to enjoy.

Sushi Places in Raleigh, NC

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